Whoever it is, the Blazers playoff opponent is in for it

There's is an incredible amount of scenarios that could take place in only a matter of 2 or 3 games to determine who and where teams will be playing.  Unfortunately the Blazers are caught in a slug fest with the New Orleans Hornets and the Memphis Grizzlies.  As I'm writing this, those two teams are currently on a scheduled date in Memphis battling it out.  Now the Trail Blazers next game is at home against those Grizzlies and that could determine a lot of what will come in the playoffs.  The Hornets own the season series with us 3-1, while Memphis and Portland will settle their series this Tuesday.

Does it really matter who the Blazers play in the Playoffs? No. Though there is teams that we match up better against, all the teams can be beat.  

The Los Angeles Lakers would undoubtedly be the hardest match up, but with the way they are playing now, it might not be all the hard to upset them.  If the Blazers played the Lakers, the series would be intense, and I don't know which team that would favor more.  The Lakers almost got upset last season against the inexperienced Oklahoma City Thunder, but as the Lakers are the Lakers, they won that series 4-2.  I think the Blazers would give a run for their money and would definitely be a team that could beat them in the first round.

The San Antonio Spurs would be the least talked about when it comes to who will face the Blazers in the first round, but to me could very easily end up being the team that Portland faces.  They are the NBA's best (record wise, currently 61-19) and they know how to win and win big.  Tim Duncan and Co are experience winners and have a godfather in Greg Popovich to lead them to their 5th title in last decade.  Though this season is still a big head scratcher as no one knows exactly how well the Spurs will end up playing come post season, as numerous times the NBA's best record team fails to go all the way and retrieve the Larry O'Brien trophy.  Record means seeding for the playoffs, that's it.  From there anyone who's anyone could win.  As how well the Blazers could play them, see the season series.

The Dallas Mavericks are the favorite for all Trail Blazers fans and are the current match up if the season were to end today.  Blazers tied the season series between the Mavs, 2-2, with each team winning on their home court.  The biggest difference between last season and this season with Blazers vs Mavs would have to be LaMarcus Aldridge and how he is now able to combat almost anything and everything that Dirk Nowitzki preforms.  If Aldridge is able to do this every game, you can sit back and watch the Blazers cruise to the 2nd round and I think that's why people want the Mavs.  The hey is running low for the Mavericks, if you catch my drift.

The Oklahoma City Thunder is a team no one thinks the Blazers will play and that's why no one talks about them as a possible playoff match up.  But let me remind you that it's still very possible they will be Portland's first round opponent and my least favorite one at that.  The thought of them pushing the champs last year to 6 games in round one and us getting them this year terrifies me.  They have numerous weapons, and when Kevin Durant isn't on his game (which is very rare), there is Russell Westbrook to clean up his mess.  The Blazers would still be able to beat them though as we have the defensive rights to guard them.  Gerald Wallace would be key in this series if Portland were to win.

 All in all the Blazers can beat each of these teams, it wouldn't be easy but it wouldn't be impossible. 2 games left for us... now let's check in on that Memphis, New Orleans game.

(Bold score = Blazers)

San Antonio season series: 3-1

L 95, 78

W 99, 86

W 99, 86

W 98, 96

Los Angeles season series: 1-3

L 121, 96

L 106, 101

L 84, 80

W 93, 86

Dallas season series: 2-2

L 103, 98

L 84, 81

W 104, 101

W 104, 96

Oklahoma City season series: 1-3

L 107, 106

L 110, 108

L 99, 90

W 98, 91

Total: 7-9

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