Breaking down the Schedule, predicting the final standings.

There is only 20 games left in the season for the Blazers, and unfortunately it isn't going to be an easy one.

There are 20 games left in the season

of those 20, 15 of them are against .500 teams or above

Of the .500 teams it includes games @Orlando, @Miami, @Atlanta, vsDallas twice, LA home and away, spurs home and away, OKC home and away, @New Orleans

of those 15 games against .500+ teams 8 of them are on the road, Orlando, Miami, Atlanta, LA, OKC, SAS, NO, Utah

the five games against under .500 teams is Charlotte, Golden State twice (home and away), Cleveland, and Washington.

In order to win 52 games as the blazers did last year they need 15 more wins. This we can say is going to be hard to accomplish, considering there is only 20 games left and the teams remaining that the Blazers will be playing.

So lets say the Blazers beat all the teams that have a worse record then they do, as a best case scenario. This would mean 8 wins (Charlotte, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Washington, GoldenState, Utah, Memphis, GoldenState)

This would bring the total to 43 wins, which would be 2 games over .500, lets say the Blazers also play well at home and win all of their home games against .500+ teams (unlikely) just as a best case scenario, that would give them five more wins to 48 wins at the most

So Realistically the Blazers are looking at winning at the most, 13 of their next 20 games at this rate of play and scheduling. Now this is only taking into account that static play that they have been playing.

The Good news is that we are not the only team with a difficult schedule going forward. New Orleans only has 6 road games left, however they also have 15 of their last 18 games against .500+ teams (granted it is still not as hard as the blazers). Denver has a pretty decent schedule (a couple games against sac, detroit, minnesota), Suns Have a decent schedule, (playing the clips twice, minnesota twice, sac once), Memphis schedule is a little more difficult, but still better than the Blazers.

How the standings  at the end of the season

1. San Antonio Spurs

2.Los Angelos Lakers

3.Dallas Mavericks

4. Oklahoma City Thunder

5. New Orleans

6. Denver Nuggets

7.Memphis Grizzles

8. Portland Trailblazers

If the Blazers get some chemistry going they could get some unexpected wins to move up a couple spots. Here is hoping we get some momentum going forward.

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