RealGM Interview: Joel Freeland Of Unicaja Malaga

if this has already been touched on, feel free to remove it, but I found this interview interesting.

Freeland recently sat down with RealGM to share his views on his development, NBA plans and international hoops.

RealGM: There have been a lot of ups and downs this season for Unicaja this season. Why has your team suffered from inconsistencies?

Freeland: I don’t want to blame anyone. We have to look at ourselves and realize why we’re playing good or playing bad. What I know is now we’re playing a lot better and we’re playing a lot more consistent. There are not a lot of chances of beating us by more than 10 points. That’s what matters the most for me, as we’re playing a lot better.

RealGM: It’s just your second year in the Euroleague and you’re now one of the best players. What is the secret of your success?

Freeland: I just try to work hard and get better everyday. I like to see myself being successful. For me that’s a huge thing. If I’m practicing hard I know I’m going to play good. I try to carry everything I do in practices into the game to help my team and myself at the same time.

RealGM: Do you remember the day you were drafted?

Freeland: It was a long time ago but I remember that (night) like it was yesterday. I was in New York when I was drafted. My parrents and my coach were also there. It was a great experience.

RealGM: Do you keep in touch with Portland Trail Blazers?

Freeland: I have a contact with them and I talk with them. Every now and then probably six orseven times per year they come to see me playing in the ACB (Spanish league) and Euroleague sometimes. They ask me how I’m doing, or if I need anything. It’s mutual respect at the moment until I make my decision when I want to go and if I want to go.

RealGM: Do you feel that you’re ready for the NBA?

Freeland: I don’t know. I only played in two summer leagues and I can’t compare those two summer leagues with the NBA. But if I’m in a sitution, I’m sure I’m going to try to be the best that I can to fit in at any team I would go to. At the moment I’m more focused on my contract here with. I’m just trying to get better and win something. I hope that we will win something in the near future.


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