Revisiting my Mythbusters Poll

I thought it would be interesting to go back and review the results from my Mythbusters poll, post-trade deadline. How do these questions look now as we near the playoffs? Good basketball discussion!

Original poll posted on 8/3/2010. Total votes tallied: 92



Nate is not the "championship coach" this team needs right now.

27% Agreed, 49% Disagreed, 24% Undecided

The Blazers just signed him to a new 2 year contract extension. Boring halfcourt offense and all that? Unoriginal? If he isn't a championship coach, at the very least Nate is in the upper echelon of his peers and Rich Cho knows it. Hell, even Adrian Wojnarowski chimed in late last year, mentioning Pat Riley should consider McMillan for Miami's inevitable head coaching vacancy this summer. I think he's a terrific leader myself. How many coaches pride themselves on defense? Who could have adapted the roster better than he has given injuries? Nate will likely assistant coach team USA in the 2012 Summer Olympics, making it his third trip. Cream of the crop.


2. Based on last season's performance, Aldridge isn't worth his new contract.

25% Agreed, 68% Disagreed, 7% Undecided

Well, if he wasn't, he sure as hell is this season right? Great investment. Easy question now.


3. Paul Allen "jumped the shark" as an owner for firing KP the way he did.

22% Agreed, 55% Disagreed, 23% Undecided

Don't let success go to your head. That's the moral of the story right? How many times have we heard "team effort" from Rich Cho and his staff these days? Another easy question to answer with enough time to reflect. Allen did the right thing. Though the process was poor, the team haven't missed a beat and that's all we care about right? Gerald Wallace will help the Blazers finally push through the first round. If not this season, next for sure.


4. Roy can play with any PG in the league, even if it were an All Star.

77% Agreed, 12% Disagreed, 11% Undecided

I have to think Devin Harris was Rich Cho's first choice this offseason. Roy's recent knee troubles are slowly moving him down the "option" list for Portland. I mean really, is Brandon even a #2 right now? 3, 4, 5? He just needs more time. Let him adapt his game right? Here's a fantastic NEW question for Blazer fans. Will Roy or Wallace (provided there is no substantial lockout period) be more important to the team next season? Run with that one.


5. Oden's body won't allow him to dominate the way we hoped he could.

23% Agreed, 42% Disagreed, 35% Undecided

The verdict is still out. All of us hope this isn't true, myself included. But 82 games in 4 seasons? I tend to think that even "good" big men are rare in the NBA these days. Oden could certainly come back and be good, but I just can't allow myself to think he will ever be great. I could accept good. Come back, give us even 15-8 and block a couple of shots. Clog the middle. Create some havoc with your size. Those are my projections for Greg if he does return.


6A. The Blazers should keep looking for a solution at starting PG.

79% Agreed, 18% Disagreed, 3% Undecided

I think if we ran this poll question again, the number of disagreeds would go up quite a bit. Andre Miller is very capable right now. Adding Wallace to the mix, given the assets traded for him, certainly increases Miller's value. Can he keep it up? Andre turns 35 this month. The oldest guards in the NBA are 37 right now. Verdict is still out, but Miller's reputation of taking care of his body helped him stay here for now. I like him, but I still thought if the Blazers could have snagged Devin Harris, they should have.


6B. Bayless is not a starting PG in this league. Not now. Not ever.

44% Agreed, 41% Disagreed, 15% Undecided

Jerryd averaged 4.5 points and 2.5 assists playing limited minutes behind Chris Paul in New Orleans. His numbers have risen since a further trade to the Raptors. He's up to 7.6 and 3.5 as I write this, but Bayless is still a backup to Jose Calderon, a 3rd tier starting PG in this league. My take on him is the same as it has been. Jerryd can "give you a few things" here and there, but he's not a starter. Unless his team sustains injuries to their backcourt, I really think he will ride the 18-25 MPG wave for most of his career.


7. Fans are too high on Batum and the Blazers front office may be too.

31% Agreed, 53% Disagreed, 16% Undecided

Gerald Wallace will end up starting at the 3 for this team sooner or later. Prediction time! As the season closes, Nate McMillan will realize his "big" lineup needs to be Miller, Matthews (..or Roy), Wallace, Aldridge, Camby. If you play the Lakers, those guys start. That said, I think Rich Cho's position that Batum is basically untouchable is right on target. Apples and oranges, but I see Nic playing a similar role in the future as Terry does for the Mavericks. Meaning, even though the two play completely different positions, they are both incredibly important to their team in terms of MPG and the contributions they make with that time. Batum doesn't need to start in the same way Terry doesn't need to either.


8. The Blazers need a superstar to win a title. Roy is not a superstar. He's a #2.

16% Agreed, 78% Disagreed, 6% Undecided

What do you guys think? It's crystal clear to me that the team belongs to LaMarcus Aldridge now. It's not on loan to him from Brandon either. I actually think it would be toxic for the Blazers if Roy tried to assert himself as the #1 option this season at all. And if I'm being honest, I don't think you could ever call him a superstar again either. A star yes. But on the same level as Dwyane Wade, Joe Johnson, etc? Not so much. Not unless he can manage 36-38 MPG again and do it without missing too many games/year. Very curious to hear what all of yout think.


9. We've seen the last of Przybilla on the floor [active] in a Blazers jersey.

41% Agreed, 33% Disagreed, 26% Undecided

Well, we were all wrong and right now. He did come back, but Joel was an asset which was just too valuable in the end not to trade. Makes me sad. Przybilla's best years in red & black were exactly what Portland loves from it's players; hard work and guts. Like some fans I agree that, if his knees hold up, he may end up back in Portland as he closes out his career at some point. That would be really terrific.


10. The new CBA will hurt the Blazers chances at landing top tier talent.

23% Agreed, 16% Disagreed, 61% Undecided

Verdict is still out. I have no idea either and don't think we'll know much until this summer.

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