Really Barkley?

  Charles Barkley is unboubtedly the dumbest ex-NBA player turned TNT analyst ever. Even after Aldrdge drops 42 and 8 he still hates on him.

Oregonlive states on their Trailblazers Links-

Charles Barkley joined the Dan Patrick show to discuss all things NBA this morning, including some interesting takeson LaMarcus Aldridge (6:00 mark):

"I think he (LaMarcus Aldridge) had a great season, but he hasn't played as well as Kevin Love and Blake Griffin. I mean, he's played great the last two weeks, but if you look at the overall picture, He's not playing better than Kevin Love. Kevin Love is leading the league in rebounding. You can fake offensive stats, but you can't fake rebounding.

There are a lot of guys who just gun it a lot and average a lot of points. You know, I never worry about those guys who score a lot of points, you can fake it on offense, but if you're getting fifteen rebounds a night, that's really, really impressive, and that's really hard work. LaMarcus Aldridge is having a very good season, but he's should not have made the All-Star Team.

You can't fake rebounding eh? Nick Van Excellant on January 23rd-

Post by Judd Spicer

The rub, of course, is that a portion of the big board total comes via a team chucking up a wealth of shots, many of which are missed with possession retained.  So it's no surprise that, at 86.1 per game, the Wolves lead the league in field goal attempts.  Nor should it come as any shocking revelation that their field goal percentage of .443 charts 23rd in the league.  Should they end the season with the same clip, the Wolves would own the eighth-lowest field goal percentage for a top board team in the 3-point era; that .443 mark would also serve as the worst for a top rebounding squad since the 2003-04 Cleveland Cavaliers.

Poor shooting marks are oftentimes the case for the league's top rebounding teams.  Since 1950, the leading board squad has ranked in the top-3 in shot attempts 62 percent of the time (37 of 60 teams).  On 21 of those occasions, the leading board team took the league's most shots.  Of those 37 teams, 26 made the playoffs (70 percent).  However, that number fades drastically when looking at the three-point era and the increase of teams that come with it.  Since 1979-80, of the16 teams that have led the league in rebounding and have also ranked in the top-3 in shot attempts -- just eight of those clubs (50 percent) have made the playoffs.


Sticking that criteria, just one playoff team -- the 2004-05 Phoenix Suns -- has been a top board team and top-3 field goal attempt team in the last 20 years.

Top 5 rebounders for the #1 offensive pace in the league Timberwolves-


     Beasley: 5.6


     Tolliver: 4.2

     Webster: 3.2

Top 5 rebounders for the #13 offensive pace in the league Clippers-

     Griffin: 12.7

     Kaman: 7.1

     Jordan: 7.0

     Diogu: 4.2

     Gomes: 3.7

Top 5 rebounders for the #28 offensive pace in the league Trailblazers-

     Camby: 11.3

     Aldridge: 9.1

     Batum: 4.8

     Pryzbilla: 3.9

     Miller: 3.8

Aldridge is clearly at a disadvantage in the rebounding game but still manages great numbers.

Two weeks? That's funny because the last 25 games he's on a tear averaging around 25 and 10.

So rebounds are the overall picture? Pretty sure Aldridge has 9 more wins than Griffin and 15 more than Love. 

Defense doesn't count as anything either? Alright Chuck, whatever you say.

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