Trade Drawer

So I've been playing around on the trade machine a lot. I've decided to take this from a prospective move that mainly revolves around Memphis pushing for the playoffs and hopefully more. 

Memphis gives: Zach Randolph, Marc Gasol, OJ Mayo, Hasheem Thabeet and DeMarre Carrol

Memphis recieves: Marcus Camby, Brook Lopez, Tracy McGrady, Charlie Villanueva, Rip Hamilton

The reason why Memphis does this because Randolph and Gasol are both free agents and will both command more money than the cash strapped Grizzlies FO, and OJ Mayo has turned out to be a problem and could benefit from a new environment. Thabeet is one of the biggest busts in recent drafts, and Demarre Carrol is thrown in for salary reasons, effectivly working as a 1 million dollar expiring contract. What they get back, is a defensive big in Camby, a scoring big in Lopez, and a utility big in Villanueva. They also get Hamilton, a legit starting SG, and T-Mac has proven that he's still a player in this league. These additions would improve their bench tremendously, while still not giving up too much. I can definitely see a starting lineup of Conley, Hamilton, Gay, Camby, Lopez making the playoffs. especially with T-Mac and Villanueva coming off the bench, Memphis' bench is terrible right now. 


Portland gives: Marcus Camby and Greg Oden

Portland receives, Marc Gasol and Troy Murphy

Portland does this because they need to look towards the future. Oden is still a huge question mark, and although he could end up to be an incredibly beastly player, they've already gambled so much on him, it's time for somebody else to take a gamble on him. Gasol is a very competent center, a legit big man. Troy Murphy will help by being another big body to put on the floor for the rest of the season, and his expiring contract will give them cap relief that they can then use to resign Gasol to a reasonable contract. 


New Jersey gives: Troy Murphy, Brook Lopez

New Jersey receives: Greg Oden and OJ Mayo

New Jersey does this because Avery Johnson doesn't like Lopez, despite him being the best player on the team, he hates his lack of rebounding skills and his lack of defensive prowress. Enter Oden, still a huge question mark, but one that I believe that billionaire Mikhail Porkhorov is willing to take on the potentially best center since Dwight Howard. They also get a talented young guard in OJ Mayo, whom they can use and asess for a few years after which they can decide how to proceed with him


Detroit gives: Rip Hamilton, Tracy McGrady, Charlie Villanueva

Detroit receives: Zach Randolph, Hasheem Thabeet, and DeMarre Carrol

Detroit does this, because they desperately want to move Rip Hamilton's terrible contract and what better way to do that than move 2/3 of your largest/long term contracts in exchange for two expiring deals worth 19 million and a terrible Center that they have to carry for two more years, but only pay 10 million in total to. It's an excellent cost cutting move, and they still get to ride out borderline All-Star Zach Randolph for the rest of the season. 


I know it seems like much to give up bot Oden and Camby essentially just for Marc Gasol, but Gasol is a very legit Center, Camby is old, and Oden is still a huge question mark, I'd rather settle for a known quantity of good, rather than keep putting my money on one spot and hope I strike it big. 

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