A Snub is a Snub is a Snub....

What do most All-Stars and Superstars have in common? Besides the credentials of "X" number of All-Star appearances? Players have become All-Stars for being great rebounders, dunkers, playmakers, intimidators, any or all combinations of highly honed skills. But a common thread runs through most of them, as diverse as the skill set might actually be. Most All-Stars have All-Star ego's.

Yesterday, The question,  Does the All-Star Game matter? was posed. I sat clearly on the fence, pointing out ways it impacts an individual and a franchise....and ways I think the whole definition and process is overblown.  I think I still believe what I said yesterday...BUT....

I found myself reading about Aldridges calm and rational reaction to being left off the All-Star team, in contrast to teammate Andre Millers more heated reaction.  And I found myself bothered more by Aldridges REACTION to being left off the team, than by the REALITY of him being left off the team.

Are there not times when a little dysfunction is called for?  I'm not calling for a Prima Donna Tirade, or a Rose Garden locker room bashing fit....but what I am calling for is a little ego.  Instead of a calm rationalization of the politics of All-Star balloting and the inter-workings of the voting on of reserves...instead of showing respect for your colleagues and a conciliatory group hug before one returns to Dallas to visit about just a little flaring of the nostrils? A few barbs thrown at players chosen whom you have outplayed recently? How about a little ego, in the form of "I'm REALLY disappointed, I think I deserve it, and I REALLY wanted to make it"?

Is this the next evolution for Aldridge as a player? In many ways he improved this year when he showed a willingness to tangibly be less "nice" on the hardwood. To go at players...go to the hoop. Does he need to show this off the court a little more?

As I said yesterday, I don't think Aldridge not making the All-Star team is the end of the world. It shouldn't be made into being the end of the world. won't be the beginning of anything unless at some level Aldridge doesn't take it personally....even if he knows on some level it isn't rational.

Interesting that teammate Andre Miller, who has played for a decade plus in the league, and had All-Star quality seasons and never was recognized is the one reacting with more "angst" over Aldridge not being included. Does he know what Aldridge doesn't seem to know? That nice guys on the line, end up at home watching the game?

All great players have Ego's.  I want Aldridge to show a little. I want a little less rationalization and a little more irrational anger. I want at least a little sarcasm, at least a few barbs thrown in the direction of a league that has snubbed him.

As a fan? I don't really want to hear how well he is taking it...I'd rather hear he isn't so happy about it...

Because everything Aldridge points out and rationalizes about his Non-Inclusion in the All-Star game might be 100% true still doesn't mean you have to be happy about it....or even calm about it....because...

A snub is a snub is a snub....

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