Lineups, Roy's integration, Wallace's role...

I feel like there's a lot of panic and speculation on what lineups would work, worry about centers, Roy's integration, and lack of shooting with Wallace on the team. Here I'm just going to offer some thoughts on the rotation taking some of these things into consideration. Also I'd like others input, and will give my own on which players should or should not play together based on what would work hopefully not fielding lineups that are too undersized, have no defense, have no ballhandling, or have no shooting on the floor. 

Here are some of my general initial thoughts:

Roy and Miller shouldn't play together much - it's too slow, Roy doesn't play well enough off the ball, and they don't compliment one another all that well.

Roy and Aldridge shouldn't both be off the floor at the same time. Neither Wallace, Matthews, or Batum can create well enough on their own and it turns into Andre and Rudy playing iso and poor results.

Wallace shouldn't play PF against the bruisers too much, he's got a history of concussions and it mitigates a lot of his strengths having him bang down there.

I think it makes a lot of sense to have Wallace come off the bench, he's a very high energy guy and his game will be less affected than Batum's or Matthews coming off the bench (who are both flow guys and less experienced). But I also think Wallace should get more minutes than Batum or Matthews at the three spot. Ideally, this should free up Batum and Matthews to handle the ball a bit more and specialize in guarding littler guys. If the rotation was something like this I think it'd be great (and work better with Roy).


This group would set the tone, run, and beat up the other team initially.

(still plenty of shooting so Aldridge can play down low and Roy is free to create, enough ballhandling to handle the 1-3 spots and Batum guards the best wing player with Wallace and Aldridge playing cleanup). Keep feeding the hot hand, use Wallace to avoid grinding everything to a halt, and let Roy adjust to the pace of the game.Wallace bangs with PF's who are already tired so he doesn't get too beat up.

Roy/Fernandez/(Matthews or Batum)/Wallace/Camby
This is where Roy really goes to work while Aldridge rests. I would see it being a shorter term lineup just to get Aldridge a breather and ride Roy's momentum (however long it lasts and how his knees feel), while having some shooting and defense in to clean up for a Roy/Fernandez backcourt that would not play perfect defense. Wallace bangs with second unit PF's who are often undersized so he doesn't get too beat up.

After the other team is tired and worn out Miller and Fernandez run the hell out of them with Wallace, Aldridge, and Camby playing cleanup. Additionally, if Fernandez is not playing well in his prior stint you bring Batum or Matthews back. Here Miller, Rudy, and Camby can all feed Wallace (who looks to score here more w/Roy out) and Aldridge who constantly penetrate to the rim (along with Rudy). I like this as a non-iso close the game lineup full of aggressive guys who won't defer and be lulled to sleep.

Theoretically the minutes for a game (if each lineup played six minutes) would shake out to:
Aldridge: 36
Camby: 36
Wallace: 36
Matthews: 30
Batum: 30
Miller: 24
Roy: 24
Fernandez: 24

Of course, this would all change based on matchups, who has the hot hand, etc. etc. But I think that's a lot of versatility and different looks to throw at people. I also think it makes the most of a couple of different combinations we have out there. Roy's always out there with shooters and defenders, Aldridge is out there with PG's most of the time, Miller gets to feed guys who move a lot, and things just seem pretty cohesive. Of course Roy and Miller each would play less minutes than they're used to, but I feel like with Roy's knees and Miller's age that wouldn't be a bad thing, as long as it was consistent and the players knew what to expect.

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