Trade Camby & Miller Time? FRAK THAT!

The Cake has been baked and is just now setting. The icing will be a healthy Oden and Roy as the 6th Man of the Year next year. So why destroy things now to start another cake?

Imagine Andre lobbing to Oden and Aldridge next year. Camby off the bench behind Oden. Two perfect veterans that this team has desperately needed to help our young Blazers mature. And all the talk is how the Blazers need to get younger. I know we have been saying for 4 years now that next year could be the year. But never more so than before this trade deadline does it seem possible.

Can the Blazers get to the 2nd round this year with Camby and Roy coming back and the new beastly Aldridge? I think so. If all the talk is of getting pgotf then why not wait and have cap space in the Summer of 2012 when Paul and Williams will be free agents. Would either of those players want to join a team with Oden, the wild card here obviously, Aldridge, Batum and possibly Roy? The Lakers will be done and the only other team I see in the West that has the opportunity to build a dynasty will be OKC.

I say give it one more year Cho. Let's see Andre and Camby with Oden, and his qualifying offer, and if Roy can still be productive and the Aldridge we always wanted. Miller and Camby compliment Oden and Aldridge to the T so why trade for a guy like Harris who does not shoot the ball well and cant post up and still has 3 years on his contract.

If next year doesn't work out then Oden, Camby,and Miller come off the books and the Blazers are looking at 30 million in Cap space after qualifying offers to Batum and Rudy. Then the Blazers could go after a Paul or Williams or do a trade at the deadline for one of those guys with the expiring contracts of Camby and Andre.

We have waited for this cake for 4 years to bake. Can't we wait just a little longer to see how it taste with the icing on it. Why mess with the chemistry that this team has developed when all management and Nate have talked about is building a good team chemistry which this team has in spades now.

Im looking forward to the second half of the season and playoffs and especially next year, barring a lock out, with a healthy Oden and summer of rest for Roy. No trades for trade sake and this team does not need to get younger. It needs it's veterans like Andre and Camby. They are the the cake mix and without them this cake is going to fall apart from all sides.

So do the Blazers need a trade now or can we hope for a healthy Oden and Roy and Beastly Aldridge with Andre throwing lobs and posting up with Camby off the bench and Matthews and Batum on the wings? If it fails next year the Blazers have 30 million in cap space to try the cake again.

Keep Camby and Miller Time! Devin Harris and Troy Murphy...FRAK THAT!

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