What I Learned from All-Star Weekend

Just a few observations I learned over all-star weekend.... enjoy

1) Dunk Contest - has become more about showmanship and production versus actual dunking

It is disappointing to watch athletic basketball players like Serge Ibaka, and even Rudy Fernandez from last yeras competition, get beat during this event.  They are not getting beat by the better dunks, but by better theatrics and production levels.  What happened to the skill involved?  Hell, I am 5'7" and I can jump over the hood of my car and dunk that ish.  But can I jump from BEHIND the free throw line?  heck no.  neither could Dr. J or "Air Jordan"


2) All Star Weekend PORTLAND? - could the all-star game ever make it to portland?

Honestly, I don't know.  I feel like we are a basketball mecca with the Blazers being the only professional sports team in the metro area (soon to be joining Timbers).  We have a rich history from NCAA with Freeman Williams (scored 81 pts in NCAA basketball game before 3pt shot was introduced), 1977 NBA championship and one of the LARGEST city basketball leagues in the nation.  The event would no doubt sell out.  just like the NCAA tourney does when it comes here.  It would be nice to have it in portland.

3) BBVA Celebrity Game - If justin bieber was eligible for MVP voting during the actual ALL-STAR game, he would have won

4) ALL-STAR game - guys that are truly competitive show their true colors during "exhibition" games like this

anyone who says Kobe didn't want that 4th MVP trophy obviously didn't watch the game.  He didn't pass.  He took more shots than anyone.  To see Lebron really get motivated and pass that on to his teammates after he single handedly carried his team with coast-to-coast dunks, 3 pt daggers and intensity was just inspiring to watch.  Its guys like this that make bubble playoff teams not have a chance.  these are guys that can "will" their teams to victory.  to see how bad the Cav's are this year without Lebron and see how close them came last year is incredible. 

5) Trade Talks - its a nice break from 100% focus on trade talks, just to see some actual basketball.  Even though it is still present, its not the main objective of the weekend and it doesn't dominate sportscenter at night. 

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