Best trade idea so far

I dont know for sure if Indiana would go for this but...

Indiana would be getting young cheap talent in Batum, some cap relief for a nice free agent signing since theyre not really getting many W's anyway or a good veteran point guard and center. 

Portland would get their consistent scoring option #1 or #2 depending on how good much better Aldridge gets and how they run the offense. They also get TJ Ford, a pg for the rest of the year, who only has 1 year 8,500,000. Then with Pryzbilla coming off the books too, they sign up coming free agent nene(not injured to often for a C, nice jumper, powerful dunks, pretty good D for being a little undersized), and then sign, draft or trade for a pg, or maybe Jamal crawford of the bench. 

roy/maybe new pg, armon/patty

mathews, rudy/crawford( crawford gets some more minutes if hot that night)

granger, crawford/rudy

Aldridge, /draft/cunnigham/chris johnson lol (maybe even nene here for extra D in the middle, or maybe even at the sm, that would be interior D)

nene, oden? 

maybe some draft prospects to fill in little holes and have extra bodies in the back court. 

D is solid for the first unit, as well as plenty of scoring threats. The bench gets a lot more scoring with roy or aldridge still always being in. Hopefully some contributions from Oden too. Armon gets an extra year to tune up a little, crawford and rudy is a good scoring threat. interior D is still pretty good.

I really think roy at pg would work really well, he has enough respect to still get double teamed, so he could dish to the open man, being either wes $ for the 3 or granger from anywhere, aldridge in the post, nene in for the dunk, rudy for the 3, craword! the list goes on. He has good court awareness, he averaged 5 assist while being the #1 scoring option, if he looked for the pass more he would rack them up, while still pitching in 15-18 ppg and a few rebounds.  Or he could just drive on the small pg, he is 6'6" 210.

The Blazers could go straight back to tittle contention if this worked out. Im counting on Oden to at least play and roy to work out as pg. But if it did, you cant tell me you wouldnt like this team.  

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