Enjoy the Moment! or I Hate this Midseason Trade Garbage

For real!

The Blazers are the hottest team in the NBA at a 6 game winning streak.

LaMonster Allstaridge has come to the fore in a way that even his most ardent supporters would not have envisioned at the beginning of the season.

The team went from 9th to 5th in 2 weeks time.

Camby will be coming back from injury soon shoring up the one glaring problem area this team has had on this run in February.

They are playing a winning AND entertaining brand of ball.

We are coming off one of the most enjoyable game atmospheres of a night in the Rose Garden probably since the Lakers game two seasons ago.

I come on to BlazersEdge to soak in some Blazer Joy to be greeted by 5 fanposts about trading all the people putting on one heck of a show for us, a front page story on how the GM wants to blow this thing up and build a roster like they have done in OKC, a team that has not won anything.

We are working on or 130th straight sellout or something.

The players we have in the rotation all seem to be good guys, producing winning basketball to boot.

All of this great stuff and all anybody is interested in talking about is how we can get rid of these guys? For what? Nothing we do this season is going to change our prospects of winning a title.

I just don't get it. What the heck do you people want!!!

A Title? Well that would be great, sure, but Titles are rare rare commodities. What is it 7 teams have won it in the last 20 years or so right (i am pulling this out of my butt, it likely is not the precise number). As I noted before there is nothing we are likely to get in Trade that will give us a better chance this season, at least int erms of the key rotation, heavy minute guys.

Are there some moves that might be sensible, I am not opposed to making a move to shore up our back-up center position, althoguh Joel did display some more of his old moves on the defensive end last night.

Fundamentally, this trade deadline has Blazer fans focused on business when we are in the middle of an amazing run of great basketball chock full of amazing performances. Instead of enjoying the moment this dang trade deadline has us all wrapped up in a world where everything is unsatisfactory, nobody is good enough, no one is safe.

To heck with that, let us enjoy the moment people! We have a great team here, that works hard and wins games for us. Lets step back and actually appreciate what we have instead of pining away at things that are unobtainable. Besides, if the front office blows this thing up I can tell you they will blow up my season ticket renewal along with it.

See, that thought sucks, even I am getting distracted from enjoying the moment.

Now how about LaMonsters dunk to open the 2nd half last night? Or Miller's fake time out lay up, or that beautiful teardrop put in by Patty, or Rudy saving that ball in the last minute to sew up the victory, or would someone tell me how Chris Paul did not get ejected from that game?

How about the Lakers game next week? Is LaMonster gonna be able to beast Gasol and Bynum? Dnever? How long will the win streak last? Anyone willing to lay odds on what it will take to catch OKC and get that 4 seed?

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