What to expect when Roy comes back (and Camby)

The Blazers hope to get Roy back relatively soon, however the team is completely different than we saw with Brandon Roy. There is no more isolation plays up top, there is better clock management, more fast break points, and better defense.

When Roy comes back he will likely be eased into the Rotation, coming off the bench for 20-30 minutes. Andre Miller, Mattews, and Batum will see a dip in some minutes, but more than likely they shouldn't see a huge drop. Roy needs to realize that this isn't his team anymore, it is Aldridge's team first and foremost. Roy needs to play off Aldridge and Miller.

If Roy wants to fit with the team the way it is now he needs to play off the ball. It would be smart of him to become our primary knock down jump shooter, with Andre the cutter. It would benefit Roy's health and keep the chemistry going. Roy will have to learn how to play second fiddle to Aldridge first and foremost. Because of Roy coming off the bench he may have to learn how to command the second unit, which is a good thing, concerning there really isn't any defined leader for the bench.

The fact is when Roy comes back, it could make the blazers worse, or it could make them a lot better depending on how Roy decides to play WITH THE TEAM. 


The Fact is Roy's contract is not that tradable given his injuries, Roy will stay a Blazer for a while unless the right trade comes along, which is extremely unlikely.



When Camby comes back it is likely he won't be 100% healthy, mainly given his age, and his reliance on athletic ability when it comes to rebounding and blocking ability. However a 75%-80% healthy Camby is still better than any center on the team, and still better than half of the centers in the league. Blazers interior defense will increase dramatically and the Blazers will get more second chance points because of him inside. The offense won't improve, and could drop a little, however his defense is too valuable to not have on the court. Hopefully Roy's offense (even if it is only 10 points) will help offset the lack of offense from Camby.

Camby helps every player on the team due to his passing ability as well. 

Camby is a player that many teams would like to have, however the Blazers need him more than ever given that they do not have any good centers' (sorry Joel). The only way the Blazers trade Camby is if they receive a young defensive center, which is very unlikely to happen.


Overall the blazers should improve dramatically just by having more bodies to shuffle around on the court. The Interior defense and passing from Camby and Roy's Shot (even if he is slow he can still shoot) should improve the Blazers by a few games after the All-Star Game.

What Are your thoughts?

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