Andre Miller PGOTF?

This time of year is rife with trade rumors on BE involving Andre, mostly at the ludicrous end of the spectrum.   His name is generally mentioned as one of the top 2 players most likely to be traded by the beat writers and bloggers.  The more I see of Andre Miller's game the more impressed I am.  His major shortcoming that is pointed out ad nauseum is his lack of a 3-point shot.  On the other hand he has a lot of strengths to his game:

1.  Durability

2. Good passer.  Best lob passer in the league

3. High BBIQ

4. Good driver/penetrator

5. Good post up game

6. Willing and frequently good mid-range shooter

7.  Good veteran leader

I remember in the Black/Outlaw days we loved the 3-point shot, but when it wasn't going so well I wished we had someone other than Roy who could get to the rim.  With the likely demise in  effectiveness of Roy's game we are probably going to move away from the 1-4 ISO offense that was so dependent on 3-point sharpshooters.  Even so, how many 3-point shooters do we need in the game at one time?  Isn't Wesley and Nick enough?  Rondo is an all-star and his shooting is probably worse than Andre's.

His defense, to my untrained eye, seems to be at least average.  No worse than any other PGs we've had over the last decade.  I'm sure he gets a lot more steals than we ever saw with Blake, or really any other PG we've ever had.  He has this unique steal technique that I've not seen from other players where he intercepts the ball close to the floor right after the rebound.  When it works the offensive player doesn't realize that their pocket has been picked until Andre is out in the open court.  My recollection of the pre-Andre years is that the team very rarely got steals.  Now it seems like we get more than most teams.  Maybe one of you stat geeks can set me straight.  My only criticism of Andre is the turnovers, some of them seem to be of the bonehead variety, but I guess that is part of the risk/reward equation for a creative passer.  Who knows, maybe it was just a miscommunication.

PGOTF?  Why not?  I think I saw an article earlier this year quoting Andre as wanting to play until he's 40.  His game is predicated on sheer craftiness, and almost zero athleticism.  It seems like we wouldn't see much drop in his game in the next few years.  IMHO he's been one of the steadiest performers on the team this year, and we would be nowhere without him.

Trade scenarios?  It would seem that we have to get a top tier point guard in exchange for Andre if we have any hope of being competitive in the future.  Off the top of my head the point guards that are better than Andre are:

Deron Williams, Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, Rajon Rondo, Steve Nash.  Of those, Nash is the only one that we might get without giving up one of our top three players.  There has been a lot of talk about Devon Harris but I doubt whether he would to be that much of an improvement.  Other that those players which other PGs would be a reasonable replacement for Andre?  Darren Collison, Kirk Hinrich, or Ramon Sessions maybe, but any of those would be a downgrade from Andre. 

I think we would be better off re-signing Andre and  trying our luck in the draft.  We probably could have drafted Collison or Sessions.  If it turns out Roy is unable to return to his all-star form, then maybe he can re-invent himself as an Andre-like point guard.

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