Keep Your Friends Close...

Hey Friends,

I spent a few hours of my afternoon today checking out some of the other NBA blogs on SBN. WOW! What a ton of great information that these sites have going on. I read a bunch of different fan posts and checked out the blog for every west team, especially LAL and OKC. As for the east, I mostly checked out the big dogs like Miami, Boston, NY, and Orlando. All these sites are great, even the football blogs and other sports blogs-they have one for just about any sport. Anyways, I encourage all Blazeredgers to do the same and go check out what your "enemies" are talking about.

Another thing, after looking at all these sites, I wanted to say what a great site the Blazers Edge actually is. We have to be one of the most popular of the SBN NBA blogs, as we have a ton of members and a ton of posts. Some sites I looked at, seemed to have not much action at all, while this site has constant activity. Some sites are ran by just 3 people total! As you can see down at the bottom of the page, we have a grip of people who help with this site for free, just volunteering their time. Im not sure if they get paid or not, but they deserve to if they dont. Plus this place is pretty classy. I know some of you hate the no cussing rule here, and even though I have a real truckers mouth myself, I actually like the fact that we all have to come here and do our best to speak respectably. Not to say that certain curse words cant be used properly to enhance ones vernacular, but youll have to perfect that craft somewhere else. On these other sites, I was surprised to see posts with actual curse words in the title of their post, but still had a good laugh over it.

Some things I noticed:

1. Just about every site has a post or multiple posts about their team landing CP3 or Howard! Sounds familiar. It seems like every site has a problem with multiple posts of the same topic! Also sounds familiar. Use the appropriate drawer for the appropriate post for the love of Haysoos people! : )

2. We have some very knowledgeable fans, possibly a collective of THE most knowledgeable fans on any of the SBN NBA blogs IMO! If you dont know the answer, someone on the Blazers Edge does--guaranteed! Any NBA subject, you name it. In my heart we are #1, all though im sure someone somewhere will try (and FAIL! hehe)to dispute that!

3. These sites have more news, faster than any other I can find. If I see something posted in a major news site, its already been posted here-guaranteed! And that is something I attribute to the fans who post breaking news on here or any other blog. Its really hard to beat the guy surfing the web when the news breaks who immediately posts it on his fave SBN site, even beating the moderators and editors.

4. These other blogs are a great way to see whats going on with other teams, just like here, they post anything and everything to do with that team. So if you want it you can find it there. Also, it can be fun to join some of these other blogs so you can make fanposts, and fanshots, and talk trades, and just engage the other teams fans in positive conversation.

5. Ive been a member of The Dream Shake, the Houston Rockets blog for a couple years. What cool folks they have over there. Just saying, the few posts I posted over there were well received and no one had a negative word to say to me or my post. In fact, they reccd the crap out of my post and then some of their fans came and joined our site to do some posting. It was really cool. I like the Rockets, (and their classy fans) and always have since they got Clyde the Glide back in the day and even more when I got to go see my first playoff game ever (game 2 POR win vs Hou in08-09). Anyways my point is go out and check up on or join one of these other sites. Spread knowledge my chitlins be fruitful and multiply that shizzle.

6. So it is said, that if you know your enemies and you know yourself, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss. If you only know yourself and not your opponent, you may win or you may lose. If you know neither yourself or your enemy, you will always endanger yourself. -excerpt from "The Art of War" by Sun Tsu

I guess thats it.



PS- Let me know if you have any luck out there.

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