Dwight Howard & Chris Paul Tade ideas

Hey everyone first time poster, Long time reader.

I know that this is highly unlikely to happen because we are a probably not a big enough market in Portland, but trade speculation is always fun. I read John Hollinger’s article today about trade ideas for both of these players and thought how we could offer a better package AND be instant championship contenders. No one seems to mention Portland as a trade partner but we would be a great team to get a player and keep them happy basketball wise and also a great team to trade with.

The following trades would probably involve more players on bad contracts in Orlando and New Orleans but the core players in the trades are the ones I have listed. The salaries work for trade purposes as well in the new CBA.

Orlando Trade

Dwight Howard

Portland Trades

Marcus Camby & Gerald Wallace

Reason it works for us

Portland gets the franchise center and becomes instant title contenders with an inside outside frontline tandem of Howard & Lamarcus.(think of spurs Duncan & Robinson) Batum matthews and felton all can spread the floor with shooting and would be excellent compliments to these two players. Defensively we'd be one of the best teams in the league. Transition offense would be awesome as well as half court sets. We can keep Roy as a sixth man and hope Greg can contribute in the future as well. Howard would hopefully be very happy with this team and would think hard about re-signing knowing a possible dynasty was at hand.

Reason it works for Orlando

Orlando gets an all-star level player in Wallace and a solid serviceable center in Camby. They also get cap relief next year with Camby and possibly Wallace, for sure the 2nd year with Wallace. This is a far better trade then many of the proposed ones by sports writers. Orlando gets on court value with two very solid players and cap relief soon after to re-build their team. Plus the fans don't totally boycott the franchise because they would still be a solid squad with the addition of Camby and Wallace.

New Orleans Trades

Chris Paul

Portland Trades

Raymond Felton Gerald Wallace

Reason it works for us

Portland gets their 'point guard of the future' for this season and next, taking a crack at contending for a conference championship with a starting lineup of Paul, Matthews, Batum, l.a., and Camby. We keep Roy and Greg hoping for the best. But even if the worst were to happen and they did not contribute much we would still be near the top of the conference with that starting lineup and fillers coming in off the bench. If we do really well and compete for a title there’s a good chance Paul stays in Portland, if not then at least we gave it a shot.

Reason it works for New Orleans

They know that Paul will most likely leave so they get two starting solid players and a possible all-star in Wallace. They get a very solid point guard in Felton as well. They also get cap relief in the near future if they want because Felton has one year on his contract and Wallace has 2 years with a player option on the second year. Again, fans don't boycott because they are getting good value in return and did not dump their star play for nothing. Also the NBA saves face since they own the team and made a trade that is reasonably fair and not just a salary dump with bad players.

Both of these trade scenarios would probably have to involve more players so that the teams we were trading with could dump bad contracts. But the core of the trades work financially with salaries in the new CBA and also make sense for both sides if Orlando and New Orleans know they have to trade their star players. They get value on the court and future cap relief with short contracts from us.

I personally believe if we could get Howard we win the title. We'd contend with Paul.

Very unlikely to happen but fun to speculate about!

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