At this point...

At this point... How worried should I be about the potential for Paul Allen to sell The Blazers?

Like almost everyone, I've been mostly caught up in the excitement of the return of The N.B.A.. The whole lock-out, I mostly paused my fandom. I knew the upcoming season whenever it would manifest, would be a period that began a dynamic period in so far as The Blazers answering crucial questions about their immediate and long term future.

But I thought those questions would be "Oden", "Brandon"...and a host of other discoveries about the line-up and the team. What I hadn't counted on was the specter of Paul Allen and his status or desire to remain Blazer Owner.

I heard a few rumors, reported here, That Paul Allen was going to sell both the Seahawks and The Blazers...well, I chose to ignore them, as only rumors.

But what has nagged and bothered me since it's happening is Larry Millers answer to whether Paul Allen intends to sell the team...his choice of the phrase "At this point" the team was not for sale.

Come on? As a fan? That answer is worse than a Yes Allen wants to sell...At this point? Suggests there is knowledge of a point that could be coming where the team WOULD be for sale.

Come on Larry? I don't want spin on this. I want to know. Is Allen thinking about selling The Blazers? Should we expect upcoming moves and philosophy applied to the franchise to be aimed more at making The Blazers a more enticing product to be purchased? Or is Paul Allen STILL committed and involved in BEING the owner...not just for a 66 game season...but significantly beyond?

This has grown to bother me more and more. In the past? When Allen loses interest in The Blazers, The Blazers have suffered.

The more I think about it, the more Larry Millers response bothers me. We aren't idiots Larry. We know that the team isn't currently for sale. And I think you know that isn't what the media was REALLY asking. I think as fans we deserve to know where Paul Allen is as far as his mind set about the franchise. Does he still have goals he is trying to achieve as Blazer Owner....or is his primary goal simply to become NOT THE OWNER?

I've defended Paul Allens' ownership in the past. A sans Allen ownership is an unknown future, and that usually makes people nervous. I realistically also have realized that like him or dislike him, Paul Allen wasn't going to be Blazer Owner forever.

But I'd like some statement, some feedback as to where Paul Allen is "at this point" in his approach and commitment to The Blazers. Because at this point as a Blazer fan? I have no idea.

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