Trade Drawer.. or what would you do if you were a gm with balls?

I understand Paul Allens desire to win now.. but if it was up to me I would look to next years big free agency and try to make sure we are flexible and make moves that dont hamper our ability to aquire a star or legit starters... T hat said if i was going to be fired unless I made moves this year I would make this trade that ive mentioned on some other threads. Our target team UTAH. Like baylessface mentioned here Utah has an overabundance of BIGS. They could definetely use Nicolas Batum for the long term plans they have around Favors and Kanter. We are Paper thin in the 4/5. Do Blazer fans realise we are one Marcus Camby injury away from starting Chris johnson or Kurt thomas? Thats why it pains me to have to ship Marcus Camby, Gerald Wallace, and Nicolas Batum for Al Jefferson, Paul Millsap, and Jeremy Evans. Trade machine Here

Incoming: Blazers finally get a solid Center in Al Jefferson to play alongside Aldridge. Al Jefferson and Millsap are both 26 and in their PRIME. Millsap would slide over to the 3 and play sf. As i've mentioned this could be a gamble but apparently he feels confident he can play that position. Millsap is solid and really stepped up his game. I also believe Jeremy Evans is going to be a monster in the future. Highlight here.

Outgoing: Marcus Camby has been great as a blazer and I respect his years lol. However he is closing in on being 38 years old. As I have mentioned above if we kept the team as is, Chris Johnson or Kurt Thomas would have to see significant minutes. He would provide stability and could teach the young ones with "his years" of experience on how to be a pro on and off the court for the year.
Gerald Wallace would also be a leader and Utah would appreciate his ability in the open court. I really love wallaces game but beggers can't be choosers and at this point we need to give crash up for the bigs.
Nicolas Batum in my (and probably the rest of blazer nations) opinion would be the toughest part of this deal. His potential is off the charts... but thats what we need to remember its potential. We cannot fall in love with Potential right now especially with Broy gone. We need proven players in their prime. I'm sure Batum will be great in the future.. maybe even an allstar... But its always easier to find a decent SF than a PF or Center.

That said.. heres the Lineup:
1. Felton//A.Johnson/Smith
2. Matthews//Williams/Smith
3. Millsap//Evans/Babbitt
4. Aldridge//(Landry)/C.Johnson
5. Jefferson//Thomas/greg oden.

Cant forget that we can still sign a free agent like Crawford or in my opinion Landry thus the Parenthesis. Get it done Pritchard.. er. CHO!.. er.. damnit we still don't have a GM.. so tell me what you think and bring up some other trade ideas blazer nation.
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