Larry Miller's options for a post player

During the most recent press conference Larry Miller addressed the need to add some another piece to the team in the form of a post player, either as a Center or Power Forward. At the moment the Blazers can only offer a mini mid-level exception, unless they amnesty Roy which could possibly permit them to use the full mid-level exception. This means guys like David West, Tyson Chandler, Marc Gacol, and Nene are out of the question. The Blazers are over the cap, meaning they are way down on the list of teams that can offer a contract to amnestied players. Most likely the Blazers want a banger down low, not a stretch player (a la Okur, Lewis). Here are a few players that fit this description and could be had for cheaper contracts.

Chuck Hayes Center 6-6 238lbs 28years old 2011 stats 7.9 ppg 8.1 Rpg .7 Bpg 1.1 Spg

Chuck Hayes may be small for a Center, but he is extremely good defensively in the post. He uses his lack of height as leverage against larger opponents, by getting at the ball and forcing steals. His biggest drawback is that he can't make anything but a layup. He is an above average rebounder and is very good at defending the pick and roll - something that the Blazers were very poor at doing last year. He doesn't know how to move with the ball in his hands, but is very good at moving without the ball, resulting in layups. Dont be surprised to see his shot get blocked though as he is one of the most blocked players in the league. While he did start for the Rockets last year, he is not a starting caliber center due to his lack of offensive moves and his lack of size. He would however be a nice piece for the Blazers to have playing off the bench, or inserting into the lineup given a favorable matchup. He could potentially be signed for the mini mid-level, especially if he wants to be with a playoff team, otherwise he could garner more than that from teams under the cap.

Carl Landry PF 6-9 248lbs 28years old 2011 stats 11.9ppg 4.6rpg .4bpg .6spg

If you want points off your bench, Carl Landry is your guy. If you want good defense, rebounding, and blocked shots then you should not touch him with a ten-foot pole. In reality Carl Landry is a great shooter around the rim, where he made it big in Houston. Since then he has taken less shots inside and rebounded less. If he returns to doing what he does best he could be more reliable. He is good at drawing fouls as well, but gives up length on defense. The Hornets may be forced to re-sign him anyway if David West leaves. Landry may try to look for a MLE from teams who hold scoring to a higher standard, and he may find it, but as a fairly one demential player, he is not worth that much. Hopefully the Blazers feel the same way.

Jeff Pendergraph PF 6-9 240lbs 24years old

Once a fan favorite who only has one year of NBA experience, a knee injury derailed him last season with the Blazers. The Blazers were forced to waive him in order to put someone healthy on the team. Pendergraph Is 100 percent, as seen recently by his play in Aldrige's charity game. Pendergraph has expressed his desire to come back to the Blazers, but he may not get anything more than a minimum contract offer. I doubt that Pendergraph would complain about that, as he just wants another chance to come back.

Joel Przybilla C 7-1 245lbs 32years old

At this point in his career Joel is more of a stopgap center than anything else. He never seemed to recover from his knee injury fully and lost what little mobility he had after that. He is an able post defender though and a capable rebounder. He has terrible handles, and has no post moves. He is however a great guy to have on a team for his size and his veteran presence. He has garnered interest from several teams, but Portland and Milwaukee are front runners as he has connections to both teams. He is a capable backup when healthy, but he is on the downside of his career.

Kwame Brown C 6-11 270lbs 29years old 2011 stats 7.9ppg 6.8rpg .6bpg

Known as one of the worst bust in NBA history. Kwame had somewhat of a better season with the Bobcats last season. Posting some of his best numbers in his career, can also be attributed to just how bad the Bobcats were last year. Brown is a decent pick and roll defender and is a decent rebounder, but is terrible on offense. He is a terrible foul shooter. He gets lost on the court, and cannot handle the ball at all. The Blazers may offer up a bone to him if they get desperate, let's just hope it does not come to that point.

Reggie Evans PF 11.5 Rpg
The only reason he is an option is because of his Rebounding ability and he can be had for cheap.

Samuel Dalembert and Kris Humphries are options as well, but unlikely as they would either be offered more money by their own teams, or go to a champion caliber team for cheap.

Other low cost options Aaron Gray, Glen Davis, Troy Murphy, Jeff Foster, Spencer Hawes, Kurt Thomas, Josh McRoberts

Using Gerald Wallace as a trade chip?

It is entirely possible that later down the road the Blazers could trade Wallace for a big man as Wallace's contract will expire and he has a player option in 2012. While Wallace is a good Piece to have his production can be more easily replaced with Batum (who will likely sign an extension), and the need for a productive center may outweigh the need for Wallace, especially if Greg Oden does not get healthy or stay with the Blazers.

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