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Good evening readers, although I have been reading Blazersedge for about three years now, I never found it neccesary  to make any comments  or posts, but now that the lockout seems to be coming to an end it is important that we are able to make a solid  request to the team about who we would like to be the Blazers G.M, , now I know that it is not our decision, but I would add that  contrary to what allot of the readers on here seem to believe, the ownership and management of this team do care what we think, and are happy that us as fans are so invested in the decisions the team makes. How do you know this AbuFatimah?: I know this from the limited conversations I have had with Larry Miller, While we are far from golfing buddies every time  we make are way down for a game I seek him out over by the shoeshine stand and take a few minutes to pick his brain and ask how him and his family are doing and he has said that he and other employees check out this site from time to time( unlike most fans we don't really spend much  time seeking out the players, frankly because the management is not as easily accessible outside of the workplace) so I would say that the fans perspective, while modest is, and will be considered in the search for the new G.M., the management acknowledges and is proud to have the best and classiest fans in the N.B.A., and from the conversations I have had with other coaches,players and executives in the league that is a consensus.

About a week ago I read a comment about  a reader who had nominated themselves for  the job of Blazers G.M., I did not get a chance to read the story so I am unsure if it was serious or a joke. This post is not a response to that nor is it in anyway a gesture of disrespect to that individual, It is however  a serious proposition which could possibly bring a great benefit to the Team that we all love.

I am officially entering Abu Fatimah Jackson into consideration for Trailblazers General Manager.

If I as a lifelong fan of this team did not feel that this was in the best interest of this franchise, I would not put myself out here like this, I am sure that I will receive some mockery and unwarranted criticism for suggesting that I , who has never played or worked for an N.B.A. franchise in any capacity would be the Ideal fit for guiding us to a championship in the next three years, but like anything that I commit myself to, it is my sincere conviction that it is in the best interest for the team, the fans, and the city of Portland.

I would like to use this as an opportunity for you the fans to use this as a preliminary interview, in order to assess if it should be propositioned to the upper management of the team at all, If I do not have your support I do not wish to take this to the next level, and it is important that I contact the team within the next 48 hours considering the status of the C.B.A. talks if we want to make this a reality. So I am going to layout a brief presentation on how this is best for the management, players, fans, and the City of Portland, and I will do my best to answer any questions that can help you decide if I have the support of the fans in this endeavor.


A. I understand that this is Paul Allen's team and I am appreciative of how invested he is in the decision making that goes into his investments, in the past he has had employees who have lacked the self-confidence  to behave submissively to their superiors when necessary and to offer their firm opinion when requested, considering that my Father and both of my Grandfathers were in the military, I have no insecurities that will prevent me from doing the job needed, when needed, and emotionally flexible enough to deal with the ever-changing demands of working in an N.B.A. front office. .

B. I have been on the board of multiple non-profit agencies with seven figure budgets and am currently serving on the board of  a non-profit that Mr, Allen is a major contributor to. This shows that even though I am in the lower range of tax-brackets,I am comfortable working with extremely influential people and they are equally comfortable working with me and highly value my opinions, input and assertiveness when needed.

C. I have experience as a high-end V.I.P. Chaufuer  and Bodyguard. I have personally had the pleasure of serving Mr. Bill Gates and many of the C.E.O.'s of the top 50 companies in the world at his 2005 conference. I have additionally served Senator John McCain and other government officials as well as countless N.B.A. coaches, and  front office executives  during the last years the Supersonics  were in Seattle. This shows that the people who I will be working with have already implicitly trusted me with their lives and are familiar with my style of communication.

D. I had the pleasure of serving Presidents Bush, and Obama on the Secretary of Health and Human services National Fathers Advisory Council from 2008-2010 as The representative for Oregon, Idaho, Washington , and Alaska. This once again underlines my superior social and communication skills which makes me equally comfortable in a Fortune 500 boardroom or the sidewalks of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the U.S.

E. I have worked as the events coordinator for a highly popular motivational speaker who regularly does engagements nation and worldwide, and was trusted with negotiating appearance fees and percentages of large fundraisers.  

F. I am not interested in this job for  the money and I will not be hiring an agent from one of the major sports management agencies to negotiate my contract. I will negotiate the contract with my Lawyer and I am initially only seeking a one-year deal for $285,000.00us


A. I have managed a video production artist who I have contracted to do many parties and events for current N.B.A. players as well as concerts and music videos  for numerous nationally recognized rap artists. This is not to be confused with me being a "Players G.M.", it is equally beneficial to management that my age(35) , personal relationships and real-life experience gives me a level of understanding and credibility with N.B.A. players which is unheard of in the League currently.

B. I have lived in the Central District of Seattle for the last 9 years and am highly involved in the community  which makes me a familiar figure  with current Blazers, N.B.A., College, and High School players.

C. I have worked previously in Boxing promotion with Internationally known fighters such as Shane Mosley, James Toney, and Laila Ali, as well as trainer Freddie Roach.

D. As mentioned in 1C, I am highly gifted in communication and social skills which gives me the advantage of being able to effectively communicate with individuals across the socio-economic spectrum, which is a highly demanded commodity in the job for which I am applying.


A.I am also one of you, I care deeply about this team from a multi-generational standpoint, I used to go to games at the Coliseum with my Great-Grandmother as a child when there was smoking allowed in the stands, When I was on my way to the hospital with a severe Asthma attack as a child I got a chance to meet my favorite player, Maurice Lucas when we stopped at the bank and he came to the car at my mothers request to shake my hand (arm!). I used to ride my bike after school from M.L.K.&Going all the way to my uncles house in Milwaukee to watch Buck, Duck, Jerome, Terry and Glide on his satellite dish. Although I live in Seattle, I am a 7th generation Oregonian and I have looked at this as my "Dream Job" for at least  a decade.

B. Because of my Loyalty to the City of Roses, I am not looking to use this as a stepping stone to a higher paying position elsewhere in the  league , and I am not tied to any particular players on the roster that will prevent me from making this team at a minimum W.C.F. participants This year. I am only tied to the success of the team.

C.What better story is there  than "Hometown fan Guides the Blazers to second championship"?

So please ask me any questions that you believe are relevant, and I will do my best to provide any clarification to questions that are reasonably within the scope of my candidacy for this position. I would like to reiterate that this is not a joke or stunt, and that I only want what is in the best interest of this team and fanbase and that starts with your honest questions and suggestions.

Thank You For Your time,

     Abu Fatimah Jackson   

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