We lost our (dare I say it?) Kobe but we still fight on.

Hey guys, this is my first fanpost here and I just want to say that I have had an amazing time watching the Blazers this season. One of my favorite seasons yet.

First a little history about me-

I am from Portugal and grew up there until I was 17 when I moved to the wonderful city of Portland. I went to Lincoln High School for my final year in high school and loved it there. At the time I was a big soccer fan and didn't pay much attention to basketball. But then again the Blazers of that era (2004) didnt leave much to be desired for a newcomer. Anyways, I ended up going to college in LA and became a huge L*ker fan --- just kidding ( I effing hate the L*kers) . As I was saying, I moved to LA and have been here ever since. Over the years however, I learned to play and watch basketball, and even though I had only lived one year in Portland, I knew there was only one team I could support - our beloved Blazers.

Some of my friends make fun of me for being a Blazer fan because I only lived one year in Portland as opposed to  currently living and having lived longer in LA. Rip City is in my heart I tell them. This was the first city I moved to from my faraway country and I hold it dearly. I am glad that we have such an awesome team to go with such an amazing city.

But I digress, sorry. This wasn't the point of my post. 

Continuing on. Since I fell in love with the Blazers I have become a pretty diehard NBA fan and know quite a bit about it. More so than a lot of my American friends. So when I tell anybody who will listen about the Blazers and their season this year I try to explain to them that we are taking damn good teams to the final shot without our Kobe...

Without our Nash...

Or our Melo, our Durant, our Duncan, our Nowitski, our Dwight, our Stoudemire and our Deron. You get the point. (I purposely left out Lebron after tonight)

That's when they say wow. That's impressive.

I know.

Can you imagine those players listed above being out for a long period of time and what that would do their respective teams? Personally, I think most of them would be under .500. So to me, for the Blazers to do what they are doing right now, is absolutely amazing. Almost beating the Heat tonight was insane. We should've beat one of the best teams in the NBA ,if not the best, tonight. Repeat that in your head.  Could we have ever imagined that 4 weeks ago?


That is why this season has been so much fun to watch, especially lately, with Lamarcus beasting all over peoples faces, Wesley draining 3 goggles, Batum growing up, Miller doing his thang, Camby sucking up every board possible, Patty's electrifying play, Rudy's positive morale and everyone else's contributions. Even Sean Marks. The dude does really try.

Let us of course not forget everything that Roy has done for us and hope that he comes back full force one day. Until then, I am very happy with the way things are going for the Blazers and hope they can continue their recent successful play. It has been truly fun to watch.

Oh and one more thing.



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