A few observations (Minny edition):

Kevin Love moves like a cat. Looking at him in college, I figured he would dance around the paint like Chris Farley earning 2 dollars doing his Chip N' Dale's routine but NO--the dude is pure Kevin Bacon.

Tolliver doesn't wear socks. He doesn't. I believe when THAT much white cotton is pulled up THAT high they are actually called "stockings". He plays D like a bellerina too. Fitting. Form fitting, even. They look comfy.

Also, what the heck happened to Beasley's face? Unfortunate ventriloquist accident with a doll dressed up as wolverine? Face tattoo homage to Mike Tyson after prom night? Those are both cool hobbies but...kinda eerie...

Mike Barret is as emo as announcers get. I mean, I love him but in his world a 2nd quarter Blazer team is "in a lull" when their 20 point lead plummets to 16. A 3rd quarter LMA jumper putting them back up by 16 is "big...big". A blown 3rd quarter layup that could have extended said lead from 16 to 18 is a "missed big opportunity". Finally, as the hapless Wolves cut that 20 point lead to 16 going into the final frame they have "seized some momentum". Wow. Bro. Basketball is supposed to be fun. Sorry but...CHILL--you're starting to sound like the grumpy teacher who hates kids.

Watching Martell Webster run around the floor like a headless chicken makes me appreciate sweet-shooting players who understand the game like, say, Ray Allen. Ray Allen is awesome.

And seriously: 3 goggles rule! Bust-a-bucket was lame. 3 goggles are not. You hear that, Portland? You came up with a cool gimmick. FINALLY! No, really--I love the 3 goggles. I can see them catching on in college ball--certainly Womens' college ball. The only thing holding them back is that Nike or Gatoraide doesn't care about any of the players who invented them. But who cares--it's another quirky Portland thing WE have all to ourselves. I'm ok with that.

Finally, the Blazers' TV production crew seems to REALLY like horrible heavy metal for all of their breaks. Guys--or should I say DUDES--I know nothing says basketball like dated bro-rock from 1996 to 2006, so I applaud you (sarcastically)!
PS--whoever picks the music is a meat head.
PPS--please stop running replays over live action and free throws; you do to the picture of the broadcast what Mike Rice and Antonio Harvey do to the audio. Please stop. KTHNX.

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