NBA Coaching Fraternity and the Doobie Brothers

Holed up in a hotel room, on the road, savoring a Blazers oh so close victory and watching the Lakers and Suns tussle.

Cam Newton is being interviewed, "blah,blah,bzzzzzzzzzz" and the obligatory Laker celeb gathering is being duly recognized by the camera toting ESPN  production team. Now and again, we get a pan shot, up close, of the zen master...and it got me thinking.

Now Mr. Jackson, for those of you kiddies that are unaware, was a rather under talented NBA player, who battled injuries, yet competed hard. He also chronicled some of his life at the time that was rather, er..NON NBA related. I'm talking about mescalin, peyote, hashish, and whatever else the 60's and 70's culture had to offer which was readily explored and often accepted as a path to enlightenment by  the young truth seekers of the day.

Uncle Phil. He smoked a few bowls.


Well then, what of the others? There are others from that generation who are now in the NBA coaching fraternity. So it got me to thinkin (this can a bumpy ride. Please buckle your seatbelt now) - Who else experienced life in more than one dimension? Now mind you, this is simply one man's opinion, and has no basis in factual evidence, unless, as in the case of Uncle Phil, it has been freely admitted. Others may have inside knowledge that I am unaware of, and this writer is more than happy to be gently corrected, or severely rebuked as the situation may dictate.

Who qualifies for what? There will be those that never did, never have, nosireebub. There  may be others who dabbled, maybe in college, but soon righted themselves and became pro-establishment, but still remain socially libertarian,

Then there are others who make ya wonder-"does drug testing in the NBA include the coaches?" I, for one, do not know the answer to that postulate, but I'm going to proceed under the assumption that they do not. Besides, it makes my post infinitely more fun! Remember, boys and girls- simply one man's opinion:

Pacific Division

Phil Jackson-Lakers

Phil is the only coach who still has not shaken the chronic. Though he won't admit it, after all these years, the triangle offense makes him sleepy

Alvin Gentry-Phoenix Suns

He's not too uptight. I say he dabbled


Keith Smart-Golden State

Don't know much about Mssr. Smart, but me thinks Hoosier U-heartland...No


Paul Westphal-Sac Kings

Yeah. back in the day. Paul rocked the long hair. It's the main reason he hasn't killed his rookie out of Kentucky. That and the kid makes WAY more money..

Vinnie Del Negro-Clips

Vinnie seems like a brown noser to me. If he did, it was long ago, and only for a little while

George Karl-Nuggets

George only recently quit..

Nate McMillan-Blazers

Kurt Rambis-T-Wolves

Oh ya. LA in the 80's? The only guy who wasn't was AC Green

Jerry Sloan-Jazz

Oh, HELL NO!!!!!!! Actually, Jerry once killed a player who had a blunt fall out of his pocket.

Scotty Brooks-OKC

Me thinks not. Pretty wholesome


Drinks a lot of wine. Might he slip in a little green over the years? Let the tribe vote on this one

Carlisle- Mavs

This guy annoys me. Seems like a yuppie SOB. I'm bettin he was a frat boy and did it at parties to be cool

Rick Adelman-Rockets

Prefers beer, and lots of it. I'm sure he dabbled. Ever see his sideburns in the early 70's?

Monte Williams-Hornets

No way

Lionel Hollins-Grizz

If he did, it was long ago and far away (Thank You Karen Carpenter). Magic 8 ball consulted: MY SOURCES SAY NO

Stan Van Gundy-Magic

Fer sure, dude. Look what Cheetos will do to ya..


Squeaky. Clean.

Larry Drew-Hawks

Well, DUH!  Shoulda stopped there. Oh well, it makes the road all the way back more admirable.


Paul Silas

Nope. But here's an inside hunch. Larry Brown was a BIG doobie brother. Ever see his threads in the 70's pics?

Flip Saunders

I'm thinkin Flip partakes in a few night caps every now and then. Not sure he's a member of the doobie brother clan (DBC)

Tom Thibodeau-Bulls

Seems way too intense to be a member of the clan. Then again, where's his freakin voice? I'll say nyet.


I'm not seein it. Do any prosecutors have evidence?

Scotty Skiles

Reminds me of a guy who would drink a case of beer a night and be a mean drunk,,and see nothing wrong with it. But he'd have a BIG problem with someone with hair over their ears and a Woodstock T-shirt


No. Cognac for a nightcap; nothing more

Byron Scott-Cavs

See Kurt Rambis. Still, BScott has learned the success of working within the establishment. Hope he gets a chance to succeed in Lebrongoneville.

Doc Rivers

No..seems pretty stringent. Prefers balck and white to shades of gray

Mike D'Antoni

Lots of Vino. Some Pasta. Some Grappa. Weed back in the day.

Doug Collins-76ers

CCAA (clean cut all american), Olympian. Doug, if ya did, I forgive ya. I'm sure it was short lived..


Oh hell, he's Canadian. Anything goes up there. Everyone knows it!

Avery Johnson-Nets

Oh HELL NO! Avery squeaks when he walks.


Well that's it. Again, one man's opinion. Hope Ben and Dave leave the post up. I tried to keep it fairly light. BTW, it's been over 20 years for me, and my life has changed a whole bunch from those hard luck, 7-11 big gulp and a burrito days. Still smile at the stupid stuff. There's a lot worse things in the world, as far as I'm concerned.

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