Trade everybody, now! Just kidding. Sort of.

In full disclosure, I've written most of this before.  Basically what it comes down to is that I think Cho should be seeking to trade away two or more of the Blazer's better talent.  Most of the proposals I see include a budding talent, like Batum, Matthews or Fernandez, and/or a veteran.  My theory is that he can deal off more than most people are thinking and get a lot in return. 

My theories are always hampered by the fact that for the past 10 years I haven't followed any team except the Blazers, and I don't have a television or season tickets. So I'm not going to name other teams or players, and I won't bother with the structure of the trade (how many teams, etc.)

I'll just name my goals:

  • Look for a championship contender this year, like Boston et al. Sell them on the idea that we can put them over the hump. As the centerpiece, I'm offering whatever they need in a budding star. If their big is having problems, I'll grudgingly give up Aldridge. If they need a wing defender they can have their pick of Batum or Matthews. They can only have one of those guys. 
  • Blazers also give up one and only veteran (Miller, Przybilla or Camby), one young back-up (Cunningham or Fernandez). That's three active players total.
  • Blazers also give up exactly two inactive players including either Oden or Roy (but not both) plus a rookie (Johnson or Babbitt) and a Euro. That's three inactive players total. 
  • In return, I want four, count them four active players from their team. All of them should be good enough and ready to earn play-time starting tomorrow (or the next game). I also want a couple draft picks.

More after the jump.

I'm not looking for any stars in return, but role players. For anyone active who I'm offering I want some talent in return in that position, but again role players. I think if I'm offering a playmaker like Batum or Matthews to a championship caliber team, they will be willing to dig deeper into their depth chart.
  • What I primarily want is big guys who can defend. Second I want three point shooters. Say two each of those. One of them has to be able to at least dribble. I'll also gladly accept draft picks.
  • I'm not giving up the hope of making it into the playoffs this year. I think we probably have an 85% chance of making it with our current roster and I want to keep it that way. It's not my principal goal but I do want to compete every night and look good going into the off-season. I don't believe this is rebuilding.
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