Ill Tell You What The Frickin Holdup Is!

Everyone keeps asking and wondering (including myself) when are we gonna make a trade. Well, I figured out why everything seems to be so darn quiet. Believe it or not, Carmelo Anthony and the Denver Nuggets are to blame. I almost wonder if they are doing this on purpose to keep the rest of the NBA frozen, until its too late to do anything. Here below are 2 seperate quotes reguarding trades and why they havent happened.

From Hoopshype:

New York has been hunting for a first-round pick for Randolph to use in a Carmelo Anthony trade, but if Melo goes to NJ, the Knicks may setle for swapping him for a veteran or 2 on short contracts who can help in the playoffs.

Key words--If Melo goes to NJ....


From ESPN Trade Rumors/ Chad Ford:

The rumors are flying fast and furious. But, unlike in previous years, most NBA general managers are not burning up the phone lines.


It has been strangely quiet leading up to this year's trade deadline, and part of that has to do with the endless Carmelo Anthony saga. The on-again, off-again nature of the talks not only has kept fans and observers waiting but also has held up GMs all over the league. And with a potential Anthony trade now delayed even further, many teams are caught in limbo.<!-- end free preview text -->

Key words- whole last paragraph is key!


It seems to me that this is Denvers strategy to wait until the last minute(12Midnight) to make a deal because then noone else can make a deal if they are all waiting on Denver. A team doesnt necessarily get better by making a trade, but they definitely wont get better by NOT making a trade. If Denver plays their cards right they could freeze the league. I still think Denver will pull off a trade but it will be at the last minute. It sure is a shame when 1 players decision affects every team even if his decision has nothing to do with them directly.

Okay, so let the lambasting begin. Do you agree or disagree? Thoughts?



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