The All Star Team of Non All Stars: West


The idea is pretty simple. The best team that you can put together of players that will not make the All Star Team this year, from the Western Conference. 10 Reserves, but you must have at least 2 pure PGs, as listed on their ESPN rosters, and 2 Centers as listed on the All star Ballot. Easy to find, just Google it. You must have at least 1 of the Centers starting. Makes it a bit harder with this year's crop :)

Here's Mine


Steve Nash: see 2 mvps and hall of fame numbers. 17ppg/10.1apg this year. Hasn't lost anything but an All Star spot to Westbrook.

Monta Ellis: Might have the highest ppg average I've ever seen for someone who won't make the All star team. ( "Yeah, but he plays for losing team and get's no assists") True, but at 26ppg I'm willing to let that slide.


Lamar Odom: Having a great season, and can impact the game in many ways. Can defend many positions, and rebounds well, which earns him the starting spot over the reserve SF's.

LaMarcus Aldridge: Probably won't make the team because of Love and Griffin. Physical Beast, and has become a more diverse scorer.


Nene: Tricky to match up against. Not the best rebounder, but quick enough to make up for it. Hold's his own defense better than other listed Centers, most of whom are just tooo sloooow.


David West PF: Consistent as they come. You know exactly what you get, which is mostly pretty dang good.

Luis Scola PF: Having a great year, simply deserves some credit.

Rudy Gay SF: Always tough to get noticed at SF with Carmelo and Durant in front of you in your conference.

Michael Beasley SF: Hard to stop a 6-10, 235 pound small forward averaging over 20 ppg. oh yeah, and he's only 22.

Zach Randolph PF: 20ppg/13rpg.. I won't argue. Best combined point/rebound stats behind Kevin Love.

Eric Gordon SG: Defines shooting guard. Averaging close to 24ppg this year (low whistle)

Stephen Curry PG: Listed as a PG, shoots like a SG. Wouldn't feel very safe up 3, late in a game with him and Gordon on the court. 

Tony Parker PG: He's lost it this year? 17.5  ppg and 7apg is still good in my book. Duncan will make the All Star team averaging just 13.6ppg...

Vince Carter SG: Can still shoot, still dunk. assists per game? hopefully that just comes from Nash hogging 'em all.

Marc Gasol C: This is a big man. Can score, pass, and rebound. Exactly what I would like coming in the big man off the bench. 

 So...What doe's your team look like? Who would you switch around?

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