40. No D, No W: The View from Phoenix

Snips and clips from the Phoenix camp, plus:


  • Free Association (Phony products and people)
  • Haiku Game Review
  • Fried Rice
  • Blazers/Suns Recap
  • Popcorn Machine + TBJ




Outside Perspective

posted by Berecki to Bright Side of the Suns gameday open thread

I'm reading Blazers blog. Why are they wanting Nate McMillen fired? For how banged up that team is there r doing as well as they can.

I have a friend who is frustrated with them as well.
He's kind of stubborn and I don't know how well that roster matches what he wants to do. They have a lot of athletic guys who want to get out in transition.

posted by Omaha Sun


They are a playoff team with their perennial all star hurt... Two years in a row, and their #1 pick from a few years ago out every year. What do the fans expect, championships?

If you take our perennial all star out (Nash), and another decent player, lets say Dudley, how many games do we win? 15-20?

posted by Berecki



Close Race

posted by AJ15 to RealGM Suns message boards

8) Portland 20-20

9) Memphis 18-21

10) Phoenix 17-21

11) Houston 17-23



Phoenix Suns Overcome Double-Digit Deficit, Beat Portland Trail Blazers 115-111

by Paul Coro, The Arizona Republic

* * *
Just as they did at home Wednesday against New Jersey, the Suns shook off a double-digit deficit to Portland at home Friday night and pulled out a 115-111 victory for their first consecutive victories since Dec. 2-5.

The Suns are unhappy that they are only 11-9 at home, even with these two wins, and have struggled to get there, winning six of those games after trailing by double digits. The Suns trailed by 13 (41-28) in Friday's second quarter but had the entire starting lineup, with Grant Hill (21 points) back, in double figures as well as sixth man Jared Dudley.

The victory helped the Suns (17-21) avert a four-game Portland season series sweep and pulled them to within two games of the Trail Blazers (20-20), who have lost three games in a row and are in the eighth and final playoff position in the Western Conference. The Suns moved into 10th place, a half-game behind ninth-place Memphis, with their first win against a winning team since Dec.19, when they won at Oklahoma City a day after the six-player trade with Orlando. * * *



Suns Play 48 Minutes of Competitive Basketball and Avoid a Blazers Season Sweep

by Eutychus, Bright Side of the Sun (SBN)

The missing Phoenix Suns team that you've been seeing on your milk carton for the past few months returned home for 48 minutes tonight. They played the brand of basketball that purple and orange fans have taken for granted for years. I almost couldn't remember the last time I felt this engaged watching a game... it seems like forever. To see the Suns compete like they did tonight was a refreshing gorge of water for this fan's parched confidence.

The comeback and overtime win in New Jersey undoubtedly elevated the squashed confidence and unity of this team and the result was a full 48 minutes of solid effort, grit, and heart from every member of the team who stepped on the court tonight in a critical game.

I called this the Suns toughest game in their '2 week season' - Seth called it an important game, and with playoff indications in the back of everyone's mind the Suns came together and pulled off a huge, emotional win against the Portland Trail Blazers.

With so they effectively avoided the season series sweep (1-3) from the Blazers and have now won consecutive games for the first time since the first week of December. This could be exactly what this team needs to put together a good run as they eye a favorable schedule and get ready to head out on an extended road trip. * * *



Fun Times in the Locker Room

by Seth Pollack, postgame comment at Bright Side of the Sun

So we all walk in after Gentry finishes his press conf in the press conf room and everyone's in the showers except Vince Carter who has his knees wrapped in ice and is sitting per his custom...

There's loud raucous from the showers - yelling, laughing, etc. Josh Childress comes out and tells Vince that MP [Mickael Pietrus] was throwing soap all over everyone in the shower. Boys...

Then MP proceeds to fill a cup with water and places it on the top of the door to the show with the door slightly open. So when the next guy opens the door the up falls on him.

Of course, OF COURSE, the next guy is Robin and the cup falls right at his feet and slashes his shorts in the groin area. Robin just glares at MP. He doesn't see the humor in it. The two were seen having a private convo a short time some point this season either MP is going to get Robin to lighten up or MP is going to push Robin too far and get pummeled. Odds on either happening are about even in my mind.



Great Win Before the Road Trip...

posted by TheRza82 to Bright Side of the Sun postgame thread

We can pretty much make or break or season right here on this up coming 5 game road trip. Outside of New York (who we watch up well against) we should win all of the games. I know, that's asking a lot from this Suns team but I think we've turned a corner.

Here is what our next six games look like:
@New York
vs Charlotte

We're 4 games under 500 at this point and 2 games out of the eight seed in the Western Conference. If we go 5-1 these next games we'll come out of this mess a game over 500. Hell, New York is beatable too. That game is just a shoot out, whoever makes the most shots is going to win and I think this bunch will be motivated to beat New York they handed us our asses at home.

Basically, this stretch coming up is a barometer of what this team is going to be for the season: Lottery bond or fighting for playoff contention. So, hopefully our underwhelming Center duo can step it up for us and grab some rebounds and not commit a foul every 3 minutes (I'm look at you, Lopez).



Phoenix Suns 115, Portland Trail Blazers 111 — One Game Back

by Michael Schwartz, Valley of the Suns (TrueHoop)

All the talk of rock bottom and blowing this thing up is missing one key fact. After Friday's 115-111 victory over Portland, the Suns trail the Blazers by a mere one game in the loss column and two games overall for the eighth and final playoff spot in the Western Conference.
Despite winning consecutive games for only the first time since early December following a stretch in which they lost to the Clippers, 76ers and Kings and got blown out by the Knicks and Nuggets, the Suns are right back in the thick of things.

"I think we knew the significance of the game," said head coach Alvin Gentry. "This is just a much, much needed win for us."

Unlike in previous seasons, the Western Conference really only features seven upper-echelon teams, and the Nuggets may be falling from those ranks any second now if they do deal Carmelo. Any other year and the Suns would be buried barring something like a 10-game win streak, but with Memphis, Houston and this Portland team failing to gain any separation, the race for No. 8 is wide open. * * *



Cardiac Suns hold on against Blazers

by Kevin Bonneville, Suns Zoo (Rant Sports)

It is never easy for a team that is struggling, but the Suns found a way to get a 115-111 victory over the Portland Trail Blazers last night. The win gives the Suns their second straight win in the getaway game before heading out to New York on Monday night to start a five-game road trip. The Suns also avoided a season sweep at the hands of the Blazers.

Things didn't look good on the outset for Phoenix. They allowed a Portland team that doesn't usually score a lot of points to score 36 in the first quarter. It was the highest total that the Suns have given up in the first 12 minutes all season long. The Suns defense clamped down after that though. Portland shot 62 percent in the first quarter, but ended up shooting a 48 percent and they were held to a respectable 75 points in the final three quarters.

Wesley Matthews lead the Blazers in scoring with 26 points. Not too bad for a guy that wasn't even expected to make the trip to Phoenix much less play because of an ankle injury. LaMarcus Aldridge has been one of the better players in the league ever since Brandon Roy went down with the knee injuries and had a nice night on Friday with 25 points. He was held to only four boards though when he had been averaging 11 a night throughout the month of January. Andre Miller chipped in with 19 and Nicolas Batum had 18. Portland got next to nothing off the bench though. * * *


The Bottom Line:

1. This season isn't over yet... Our Suns have a winning streak going and are now in 10th place and rising in the Western Conference.

2.  Good effort by the Suns tonight on both ends of the floor. They do need to start rebounding the ball to go anywhere though.

3. A loss tonight would have been a huge blow, so it's good that the home team triumphed.


*   *   *




From Big Oil to Snake Oil: Arco Arena to become "Power Balance Pavilion" 


Gavin and Joe Maloof, owners of the Sacramento Kings — certified as the worst team in the NBA's Western Conference for the 2010-11 season — have elected to go the full monty on the road to complete laughability. The team has announced its decision to sell naming rights to its arena to Power Balance, makers of a sports bracelet  "performance product" with magical hologram "designed to work with your body's natural body field." Effective March 1, 2011, Arco Arena will be henceforth known as "Power Balance Pavilion," according to the team.

Multi-billion dollar oil corporation the Atlantic Richfield Company, better known as ARCO, has decided to end its 25 year naming association with the team's game facility, a deal which paid the Kings $750,000 per season.

With ARCO out of the way, the door was opened for the McGoofs to find another suitor. And really, what could POSSIBLY go wrong with associating one's NBA franchise with a company recently ordered by an Austrailian consumer protection agency to refund money to any consumer who felt that they had been mislead by the firm's unsubstantiated claims that its product would somehow improve the wearer's balance, strength, and flexibility by working with the body's "natural energy field"?

How does their product work? Here's what the company's website says:

"Power Balance is Performance Technology designed to work with your body's natural energy field. Founded by athletes, Power Balance is a favorite among elite athletes for whom balance, strength and flexibility are important. Power Balance is based on the idea of optimizing the body's natural energy flow, similar to concepts behind many Eastern philosophies. The hologram in Power Balance is designed to resonate with and respond to the natural energy field of the body."

Wow, sign me up! If it's founded by athletes and worn by athletes, "for whom balance, strength and flexibility are important," and it's called POWER BALANCE, well, sheesh, you'd have to be a complete moron or a total sap NOT to shell out $20 or $30 for a chic piece of silicone with a festive holographic logo...

The bottom line is the bottom line. The Billionaire Boys Club's Sactoe noobs did exactly any ghetto nouveau riche looking for quick bucks to chunk into a flagging checkbook would do — they took the quick cash and ran, asking no questions about from whence the money and postponed any potential repercussions for another day.

Still, one would think that Las Vegas casino moguls would have peeps who are familiar with something called "The Internet." This is a useful computer-based means for locating such stories as "Power Balance Bracelets are Total BS ... Says Lawsuit," on the gossip site, which details a $5 Million class action lawsuit filed in federal court in Los Angeles earlier this month alleging that "consumers were duped into believing the hologram-embedded band was scientifically proven to enhance balance, flexibility and strength" despite the lack of any scientific evidence any such claim.

But, but, but — Kobe Bryant wears one! What more proof does one need?

It turns out that that's all the evidence that one is ever going to get. According to a Jan. 11 Associated Press report, the company itself declared to the aforementioned Australian Competition and Consumer Commission that "We admit that there is no credible scientific evidence that supports our claims."

Then again, the more that I think about it, this pairing has a certain logic to it... The McGoofs are already in the business of marketing the Sacramento KIngs to paying customers as an "NBA basketball team." It stands to reason that they probably have a lower bar than do normal people as to the amount empirical evidence necessary for one to make a dubious assertion in order to sell stuff. 

Birds of a feather...


Iverson Update


"I love Allen Iverson. I sadly believe him to be one of the most misunderstood players the NBA has ever seen. The guy seemed to have so much heart and sensitivity — along with his incredible talent — but was rarely recognized or respected for it. Worse yet, he still has NBA talent and game left to give, but was pushed from the league based on that reputation."    

                      —Andrew R. Tonry, Portland Roundball Society, Jan. 4, 2011.


I decided to check in on how one of my least favorite humans, Allen Iverson, is doing in the midseason of his first year of Turkish exile from the NBA.

If Iverson was the answer for Besiktas Cola Turka of Istanbul, it seems to have been a very stupid question, as the team is languishing in 8th place of 16 teams in the Turkish Basketball League, sporting a record of 8 wins and 6 losses as of January 11.

AI — a big favorite of Andrew R. Tonry of the Blazer blog Portland Roundball Society — is leading his team by example. The example, being, of course, how to continue collecting his team's biggest paycheck without caving in to logic and dignity by giving up on the sad sack finish to his overrated career and running back to America with his tail between his legs.

Of the team's 8 matches in EuroCup, Iverson has played an average of just 22.3 minutes per game, seeing the floor in only three contests. In those The Great Iverson is averaging 9.3 points per game while shooting a SubBlazerian team low 31.8% from the field. But great shooters keep shooting, doggonnit, and the corn-rowed sparkplug can be counted on to continue doing the same, if he ever gets back in a game again, despite his status as the team's #7 scoring option in EuroCup action.

Against the lesser competition of the Turkish Basketball League, AI has been getting more burn, playing 31 minutes en route to 14.3 points per game. His ratio of 4.7 assists to 3.3 turnovers isn't that much worse than that of teammate Mire Chapman, to whom he plays second fiddle.

Iverson is back in action from an injury to his right ankle suffered back in November, but AI is pretty clearly not coming to the NBA anytime soon unless the Maloof Brothers decide he's the missing piece of their championship puzzle next year.

Sorry, Andrew.



As I was finishing up this piece I just ran another Google Search and learned that the Associated Press is now reporting that "Former NBA star Allen Iverson plans to have a lesion removed from his right leg in the United States and intends to rejoin his Turkish team in time for the playoffs."

Iverson's longtime manager, Gary Moore, informs us that The Answer told him Wednesday, Jan. 11, that the former Sixer gunslinger "doesn't plan to retire because of the painful condition."

"People need to know that Allen is and always has been a fighter," Moore told the Associated Press. "He's got a battle ahead of him."

Moore said Iverson "totally disputes" reports out of Turkey that he was set to retire.

Subsequent reports indicate that there is something showing on an MRI of his knee that needs to be subjected to biopsy.

My initial take: translating all this AI Speak into English, this probably means that AI has had enough of Turkish basketball and wants to check back in for the playoffs, or not, cashing paychecks all along...

Still: there's always a theoretical chance that the obnoxious lunatic egomaniac jackass isn't faking this time around and really does have bone cancer or something nasty going on, so I won't snark too hard at this juncture.


*   *   *








They score and we score

Repeat as necessary

Until Blazers lose





Here's some more wackiness from the twisted tongue of goofy Uncle Mike...


A very close block/charge is suddenly reversed against Pryzzy, his left heel deemed to have barely been in the protected circle...

"You know what caused that? It was that 10 minute conversation between Alvin Gentry and Courtney Kirkland. If I were closer — we're in the 2nd row tonight — I'd say, 'Nate, Kirkland is really giving you the job tonight!'"


A blocking foul is called on Pryz and Alvin Gentry is again up filling a ref's ear with verbal...

Rice: "Why is Alvin Gentry up again?"

MB: "Because he complains even when he gets calls, we know that. You'd do the same thing."

Rice: "No I wouldn't, they'd call me a whiner."


Rice starts a conversation on which Lopez brother hairdo MB likes better...

MB (trying to see things both ways): "Some people like the wild hair and the beard..."

Rice: "If you're a sparrow!"


Wesley is sent to the line...

"Coach Gentry is up explaining to the official just what a foul is in the NBA. We should have a camera just on him."



Game 40.

Blazers 111 at Suns 115.

January 14, 2011.

Blazers' record is now 20-20, the Suns are 17-21.

I've got more bullets than George S. Patton, baby...

  • The Suns are 4-8 since their big trade, but don't think for a moment that they didn't get what they wanted out of it. They ditched Hedo the alabatross and saved Sarver lots of mon-eeee. The wins and losses are incidental.
  • Matthews will be going with a bad wheel, having twisted an ankle in a non-contact drill at practice. Hmmmm, injured in non-contact action — Wesley really is integrating himself into the Blazer team well.
  • Grant Hill is starting tonight, which is unfortunate, since he was listed as questionable.
  • Tonight's refs: Bennett Salvatore, Courtney Kirkland, and Kevin Cutler.
  • It's GAMETIME, boys and girls. Can I have a "WOOT! WOOT!"???
  • Losing to the Suns is unacceptable. They honestly suck. I wouldn't lie to you...
  • I love the LMA-Frye matchup. Or should I say I am going to have a good night watching the comedy of Squeezably Soft Charmin Frye trying to guard Lamonster one-on-one.
  • Wesley came out on fire, with two treys and a nice deuce in traffic in the first 4-and-a-half minutes.
  • LMA also came out on fire, going 4-for-4 for 8 points, mixing inside and outside shots.
  • Second foul on Nash at 5:38, who was mismatched on Nic Batum and playing aggressively. Nash kicked the ball on the way off the floor heading for the bench, picking up a T as well. Nash managed to dupe Bennett Salvatore into calling a phantom foul on Nic earlier, but trying to get aggressive on D has never been The Elderly Canadian's strong suit. His guile is offensive.
  • Wesley is sent out to shoot the T and makes like Shaquille O'Neal, barely drawing front iron. Seriously, isn't there SOMEBODY better suited for shooting Ts on the floor?
  • Rice: Eighty percent of Channing Frye's baskets are from beyond the arc.
  • The Suns went into penalty shots at 2:25, when Dragic fouled Wesley. Matthews promptly lamarcused the shots, unfortunately.
  • Dragic got T'd up over a no call, with Rudy capitalizing this time for Portland. The shot made the run 8-0 for the Blazers.
  • Wesley hit a massive corner trey at the horn to close the action. END OF THE FIRST QUARTER: PDX 36, PHX 28. Portland shooting 62.5%, 4-for-5 from the arc.
  • Dragic continued his unimpressive performances this season.
  • Don't mistake the man for an idiot... Rice: "Boy, Nash is a magician — it's unbelievable how he can get you to switch and then take advantage."
  • Blazers were firing on all cylinders, but we all have seen this team enough this year to know that doesn't last for 48 minutes, haven't we? Still, with LMA and Wesley both seemingly on top of their games, it looked pretty swell through the first commercial timeout.
  • John McCain in the house. Rice: "He comes to a lot of games here, a big Phoenix Suns fan."
  • I love how MB turns a Portland miss and a Phoenix AND ONE into, and I quote, "FIVE QUICK POINTS FOR THE SUNS!" Ummmm, it's a game of streaks. Every single NBA game is the same that way... Chill, brother...
  • Suns opened 5-for-10 from the Free Throw line, which was helpful.
  • Defensive 3 second call on the Blazers and The Elderly Canadian missed the shot, breaking a streak of 48 straight makes from the line. It is a special night.
  • Blazers were burning the Suns at their own game, hitting shots from behind the arc. They were 6-for-8 midway through the period.
  • Mike Barrett is really trying to get me to mute the set tonight: "If you want to say a missed 3 by Matthews and a 4 point play by Dudley — that's a 7 point swing for Phoenix! ... that 11 point lead I was just talking about just a few moments agon is now gone, it's now a 5 point lead for Portland." Jesus Christ, dude, have you NEVER watched an NBA game before?!?!? A missed shot is not additive with the opposition's next made shot and, read my lips: IT'S A GAME OF RUNS!!!
  • MB: Miami is the only team this season that has logged more flying miles than Portland.
  • Defensive 3 second technical and Matthews is AGAIN sent to the line, inexplicably. He promptly goes 1-for-4 for the night.
  • LMA gets doubled late in the shot clock by Robin Lopez. He chokes. Twenty-four second violation. On the other end the Suns hit a trey to cut the lead to just 2.
  • Blazers have the ball to end the half, 23.8 seconds on the clock. A hard press on Patty Mills promptly gets him to choke the ball away. Once again. This should not happen in the NBA ONCE a season to a PG, let alone twice in a week. Nate inserts Armon Johnson, indicative of his extreme displeasure.
  • Vince Carter runs clock for last shot and chokes, ball out of bounds as he drives the lane. Stick a fork in him, he's done.
  • MB: "Portland's 13 point lead is gone," he says for the 7th time of the night, "but they do lead": HALFTIME SCORE: PDX 59, PHX 56. Wesley and LMA with 15 a piece, Nic with 12, and nobody else showing up.

HALFTIME ENTERTAINMENT: The Spazzys "Paco Doesn't Love Me"

cover of "My Boyfriend's Back"...


  • Both teams emerged from the locker room reinvigorated. Sideshow Bob Lopez quickly picked up a 4th foul charging into Matthews. "I want him in there, this team is easier to match up with with Frye and Lopez in there," Ricey noted.
  • Frye left LMA alone at the top of the key for an easy 17. Next time down the floor he was low, collecting a tip pass and getting fouled. Aldridge hit them both and the lead was back to 5.
  • Following another Phoenix miss, Frye went for the charge draw and failed, with Marcus Camby getting to the line for two more.
  • At 7:19, Wesley dropped in another trey and Alvin Gentry called time out, the Blazers once again beginning to reassert their superiority on the floor. The Portland lead was 8. The Blazers are about 10 points better than Phoenix on a neutral floor, in my opinion — losing to them at home might happen now and again, but with a modicum of competent play, they should be able to beat this team 8 times out of 10.
  • LMA missed a jump hook but Nic was there in the paint for the putback. He had 16 for the night. With his size and athleticism, when Nic crashes, he can be a superior player on the offensive glass. I really wish he would do that more.
  • Phoenix hit again from the arc. MB started crying about Phoenix being 7-for-11 from downtown, until he realized that Portland was 7-for-10 and he didn't really have a valid reason to whine.
  • Nash was very effective collapsing the Portland D and kicking out to open 3 point shooters, which is pretty much all that Phoenix can do offensively. Still, they do it well and have guys like Grant Hill and Jared Dudley who can hit the shots when they get them.
  • Despite 8 straight Phoenix makes, Portland maintained a small lead, powered by Andre Miller's late arrival at the game.
  • Phoenix went big with Pietrus, Gortat, and Frye — Grant Hill on the bench with a 4th foul.
  • Blazers had last shot. Dudley gave their foul-to-give with 3.5 seconds showing. The ball came in to Andre Miller, who missed from the baseline. 
  • END OF THE THIRD QUARTER: PDX 86, PHX 85. The Suns shot 12-for-18 in the period.
  • The Suns were shooting 56% and still trailing. Blazers shot 51% through 3.
  • Pretty embarrassing... Nate started the 2nd unit, who left Dudley WIDE open from the arc and then failed to box out Charmin Frye, who converted an easy tip of the miss for the Phoenix lead.
  • Wesley missed from the corner but on the second try for the Blazers he hit a sweet J from the elbow for his 26.
  • Portland fouled Phoenix for the 4th time of the period at 8:25, going to penalty as we cut to a Les Schwab commercial.
  • LMA was getting doubled on every touch but was too slow recognizing and reading. At the 7:00 mark, the Phoenix lead was 4 points, but LMA went to the rack and got Frye to bite AND ONE, with Frye picking up his 4th personal. LMA converted and he was at 24 for the night.
  • Camby bricked a pair of FTs just inside of 6 minutes, with Steve Nash reinserted into the Suns lineup. Lopez hit a jump hook and the Phoenix lead was 3.
  • MB: "The Suns are taking LA out of the offense with double teams. It's up to the Blazers to make them pay by hitting shots."
  • Andre Miller — double-dribble turnover. Ugh. At the other end, the proper PG hit a floater turning the corner around a pick and the Suns' lead was 5 points with 4:05 remaining. The good evening was starting to circle the drain.
  • Out of the break, MB reminds us all for the 17th time that Portland lead at one point by 13 points. And gasoline used to be 25 cents a gallon, not to mention 10 cent bread and Hershey bars for a nickel.
  • The Suns were leaving Andre Miller to take LMA out of it. Andre got within his range.
  • Blazer steal, Blazer break, and Andre dribbles the ball out of bounds. Holy crap, is this guy really an NBA PG?
  • Phoenix went into penalty at 3:09, with Andre sent to the line. He hit a pair to cut the Suns' lead to 1.
  • LMA fouled Nash, which is a 2 point freebie. I like the Suns' washed up superannuated PG better than the Blazers'....
  • Nic flung a trey and missed.  Fortunately, Vince Carter repaid the clank.
  • Andre hit; Vince Carter drove the lane and was bumped, scoring AND ONE. Phoenix up by 4 at the 2 minute mark.
  • Andre left alone and he hit a trey. (!!!!!!). He had been 1-for-22 from the arc prior to this miracle from god...
  • Robin Lopez was sent to the line, splitting the pair. Two point game. Carter sent Nic to the line. Nic calmly hit a pair, tying the game at 1:21.
  • Nash was money from downtown, hitting behind a big pick. Wesley tried to tie it but bricked. Camby managed to tip the ball out. Grant Hill dragged down LMA in the paint on the do-over. Aldridge lamarcused the shots, however, and Phoenix lead by two.
  • Carter took the ball in the paint and was bailed out with a foul called at 29.6. If he sank them both, it would be a two possession game and Portland would be in the proverbial deep doo doo. Carter was WAAAAAAAAAY short on the first shot before hitting the second. The lead was 3 and Portland called time out to advance the ball.
  • Blazers went for a quick 2, the ball coming in to LMA in the key. Aldridge took a jump hook and missed long, rushing his shot a hair. Phoenix rebounded and called time and the Blazers were in the muck.
  • On the inbounds play, Portland doubled up on Nash, leaving the inbounds passer. The Suns were unable to get the ball in and were forced to burn a timeout to avoid a 5 second call.
  • After a Blazer deflection, the ball came in to Vince Carter. Carter was bumped, but no call — Nash got the ball and ran time off the clock before being fouled. Nash missed the first shot, surprisingly, but he hit the second, making the lead 4 points, two possessions, with just 14.2 seconds showing. Portland called time out to advance the ball.
  • Chinese fire drill for Portland ends with a Miller layup. Nash got the ball on a fast inbounds and was fouled. He hit a pair with 4.4 seconds showing for DAGGER.
  • Rice: "The Blazers just haven't been able to do it on the road this year." That would be true.
  • Three straight losses for the Blazers.
  • How big were those two bricked technical foul shots? That's money flushed.




Let's take at this thang graphically, shall we?


Here's the LINKETY LINK for some swell pictures of a not-so-swell game. A few unsolicited tidbits:

A. Blazers owned the 2nd Quarter, but it was a pretty even game other than that, with Portland playing from behind much of the final period.

B. The big Phoenix runs were 12-4 against the Blazer starters in the 3rd Quarter and 11-4 against the Blazer bench in the 4th Quarter. For my money it was the latter failure of the Portland bench that was decisive in this game, with the teams trading buckets thereafter.

C. The Blazer starters were all showing negatives in Plus/Minus and the bench weren't, which seems counterintuitive to what I thought I saw...

D. It's hard to fault the scoring line for any of the Blazer starters. Being unable to shut down the Phoenix 3 point attack ended up killing them though.

E. A winnable game that Portland choked away. This is a theme of the year and I really don't see this group staying ahead of Memphis and making the playoffs.


Finally, let's gather round for another installment of THE GREATEST THING IN THE WORLD, eh?


The Basketball Jones is a NBA blog and video/audio podcast, written and recorded five times a week by J.E. Skeets, Tas Melas, Jason Doyle and Matt Osten. Assume that there will be a couple Not Suitable For Work words used in any given episode.

Free Association Credits:

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Iverson Update:

Associated Press, "Iverson Needs Lesion Removed on Right Leg," Jan. 11, 2011.

"Besiktas Colaturka Istanbul," Retrieved Jan. 11, 2011.


Photo Credits: Iverson Crying: Matt Slocum, Associated Press.

2010-11 VIEW INDEX.

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