Mores Junk - 9.7.2010

So making your own JD is easier than ever!

1. Put the secret message into the Story Headline space. Be sure to watch the character limit (35chrs).

2. Make a JD title (including today's date) and leave it at the top of your new fan post page for the switch. The switch is how you replace your secret message with your JD title.

3. Put something short and provocative (preferably starting with the word 'So' before the jump).

4. Copy and print the standard JD welcome message:

The daily Junk Drawer (JD) fanpost is the place for true off-topic conversation and people's random thoughts.  Its purpose was simple from its infancy; a place where people could come and chat about all of the "whatevers" that didn't fit with the rest of the site and even be loose in terms of byplay and humor.  The goal was to foster let people who wanted to get to know each other outside of what they could discern from the strictly basketball posts.  We've had happy JD's, sad ones, drawers that looked like a sharing circle, drawers that resembled open mic night at the comedy club... and people have really become a family here.

So if you have a one-off thought, consider posting it here. The rules about importance and significance of the topic are suspended in each JD but keep some of these basic rules in mind:

  1. Ad hominem attacks and swearing will never be tolerated
  2. Remember everything you write is visible publicly 
  3. Don't use the JD call out or talk about users from other BEdge threads.
  4. Be mindful that every image posted slows down the JD, so use discretion in how many you post (you can also link to images you want to share so that they will not overwhelm the JD). When you do post images, put something in the subject line of the comment so that the image can be minimized.

5. Make a pointless and, hopefully, mostly indecipherable poll. (see below)

6. Say something concluding that pretends to wrap-up whatever you were saying and gets people into junking:

Enjoy your day, JD, and junk away!

7. After you first publish the JD, you'll find that the secret message is the title of the JD. (Here's the switch.) Simply edit the fanpost and replace the 'JD Title' with the 'Secret Message'. You find that the secret message remains in the url of the fanpost while the title on the side bar is your 'JD title. 

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