Rudy Trade Drawer - 09.29.2010

Rudy Fernandez Trade Drawer:

What hasn't been brought up in the bagging on Rudy is the fact that maybe he resents the large contract that the Blazers signed Wesley Mathews too. Remember Wesley Mathews was an undrafted rookie last year and now is making 5.7 million this year. That has to eat up Rudy who is still basically playing for nothing here after his $5 million dollar buyout in Europe to come here and being on the Rookie scale.  Rudy had a terrible year after his buddy Sergio left and he vocalized that he didnt have any friends on the team and was homesick. I wonder if playing with someone from his Spanish National team might reinvigerate his motivation in the NBA and he would be willing to playout his remaining contract with another team with one of his friends on it, not the Blazers.

Rudy's Rookie Year Stats :


08-09 POR 78 4 25.6 0.425 0.399 0.839 0.6 2.1 2.7 2.0 0.9 0.2 1.10 1.42 10.4

Wesley Mathews Rookie Year Stats :


09-10 UTA 82 48 24.7 0.483 0.382 0.829 0.6 1.7 2.3 1.5 0.8 0.2 1.1 1.9 9.4

Rudy's Salary 2010-2011 - $1,246,680

Wesley Matthews Salary 2010-2011 - $9,200,000 including the front loaded payment actual salary $5,765,000

One would argue that Rudy had the better rookie year and then had an off year after being hurt and the obvious head and heart troubles. But looking at it like that it's not hard to understand that Rudy resents being a 1st Round Draft pick and the 4 year NBA committment on his current salary in which he wont really be making any money until the final year of his contract. Meanwhile an undrafted Rookie with lesser stats in his rookie year is making 5 times what Rudy is. I think the only way Rudy stays in the NBA is to go to a team where he has a Spanish friend to confide in and get him through the season away from his girlfriend and family and there happens to be that in Memphis.

Memphis just overpayed to keep Rudy Gay and has been very non-commital to Conley as their future point guard and even had OJ Mayo specifically work on his point guard skills in the offseason and play point in the Summer League. With Conley's contract, like Oden's, up for extension this summer I think they are looking at waiting out the year and making him a restricted Free agent like we are with Greg.

So my proposal is Rudy and Bayless for Conley. I know Conley has been talked about at nausium here but I really think the chemistry he has with Greg is what will bring us a Championship and also drive Greg back into the passion he had for Basketball when he had with Conley. Also I see Conley as a much better point guard and 3-point shooter than Bayless will ever be. Conley is a pure point guard while Bayless is a shooting guard in a point guard body. Oden has also admitted that he has no friends on the Blazers and no one he confides he. Conley adn him are best friends and I think that and the fact that they played, and won, together since they were 8 years old is enough to take a risk on this trade.

Rudy gets to be the 6th man and have a friend in Marc Gasol on Memphis and we get Conley as the future PG to replace Andre, although I would like Andre to stay on as the backup and teach Conley after we dont pick p Andre's option next summer.

So the Trade is :

Blazers Trades - Rudy Fernandez and Jerryd Bayless

Memphis Trades - Mike Conley

What do you think about this trade or the chances of Rudy staying in the NBA if he goes to a team with a Spanish National team friend and commrade that would help him during the season with his homesickness from Spain?

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