What to do with Rudy? Realistic next steps.

I was reticent to start a new thread about Rudy, but it seems like none of the other threads have tackled Rudy's situation with a mind towards what's practical at this point.

In particular, with Rudy saying that he doesn't want to play in the NBA any more, what is the best course of action for the team?

Let's set aside for the moment our feelings about whether or not Rudy is being overly dramatic or wimping out on the NBA. Let's take him at his word for the moment. (As an aside, the fact that he has nixed trades and decreased his trade value by saying he wants to go back to Europe makes me believe him. He's not holding out for a trade.)

So what are the real options for the team:

  • Keep Rudy for the season. Hope he finds a way to enjoy the season and contribute in some small way. Deal with the sideshow all year. Let him go at the end of the year without any compensation and he returns to Europe.
  • Hope the Right Trade Will Change His Mind About NBA. He says he doesn't want to talk about Chicago, New York, etc., but perhaps you can get some other teams interested and they talk to him about why he should come to their team. He gets excited about it and then has trade value. Seems unlikely to me that you're both find someone interested in trading for him, get something of value for him, and convince him that he should stay beyond the year in the NBA.
  • Negotiate a Waiver. Let him out of his contract so he can return to Europe. Assume you don't have to pay him this year. The disadvantages to this are that you don't get anything of value for letting him go, and it seems like you can't let him go without worrying about the possibility that he could suddenly sign on with another NBA team. I'm not worried about getting value for him because he's walking at the end of the season anyways and he has killed the value. But I do worry that if you let him go to Europe, he has to really go to Europe. Not sure if you can structure a deal that way.
  • Negotiate a Waiver and Get Compensated from European Team. There have been rare instances where NBA teams have been paid by European teams to let a player go to Europe. Perhaps you can get some compensation back for letting him go.
  • Use his contract as trade filler. Waive after trade deadline. Hold onto him until after the trade deadline in case you find a trade that looks good but needs his contract to make the dollar amounts match. At this point, you're assuming that Rudy is simply going to be waived by the team that takes him because he doesn't want to play in the NBA any more. You put up with the discontent in the locker room until you find a deal that works or the deadline arrive.

Are there other options I'm missing? It seems like the attractive options for the Blazers are pretty limited here. When I look at the list, using him as trade filler or getting compensated from Europe seem like the best the organization can hope for.

What do you think? Please try to limit your comments to options for how to move forward with Rudy given what he has said instead of grousing about him. There are some other good threads to vent. I'm interested in what makes the most sense for the team given his comments about not wanting to play in the NBA which limits the team's options substantially. 

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