What does that really mean?   Does it mean team chemistry?   Or does it mea


n know your place rook.

What I think it means, and I would like to think that most of us think, is that it is acceptance.

Acceptance of what the Team truly needs. All championship Teams have them and they are usually players that are not playing for a contract, but players wanting more. Knowing that little details in a team concept aren't so little. IT separates good from great, and great from the best.


This offseason I saw the Blazers cut the fat and finally decide a course of action. What I saw was a cemented decision of defense and players that can fill a defined role. The players lost were not going to flourish here and  might not ever. They were the right moves to make at the right time.


The time now for the Blazers is to define ROLES. Call it chemistry, intangibles, IT, or what ever you want. It all comes down to players accepting their roles. Cohesiveness! Tight nit! Gritty! Sacrifice! Consistency! Tenacity! Big! Anticipation! Clutch! = CHAMPIONSHIP!        None of that spells ME!


I remember being in high school and riding Tri-Met home right before the start of the 89-90 season. The Blazers had just gotten Buck Williams from New Jersey and I was talking to a guy on the bus about the team. He said that the Blazers would just fold like they always did and my response was that this just felt different, there was this IT factor that I couldn't explain. But I told the guy that this was a different year and to watch out for them. He had no response. Youth was probably his response in his head. IT always stuck with me.   IT was Buck.


Just like that IT took us from good to great, but unfortunately not to the best. However, all those intangibles were brought forth. This Blazer Team is at that same exact point in time when Buck arrived in the PDX in 89. With all of the coaching changes done this offseason, Buck could be the difference. This Team is far more advanced than that of the late 80's and early 90's was. Except in one area. ROLES. The evolution of this Team is just coming into the veteran stage, and hence understanding the true value of their ROLES. It is to be accepted that players need to define themselves as players before they truly know their ROLES.


This Blazer Team has been learning instead of knowing. That stage has lessened its grasp on this young and talented Blazer squad, ROLES will be allowed to define themselves this year just by time itself, and hopefully Buck.


Buck Williams instilled IT with his Team, and I believe he will instill IT with this Team.

A quiet, consistent, workmanlike confidence, where everyone knew their ROLES  The new era will soon begin.

IT will be fun to see IT happen.

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