Pablo Prigioni (again)


A long time ago I waxed lyrical about Argentine National Team PG Pablo Prigioni.  Okay, so it was last offseason, before we signed Miller.  But once again, he seems to be a free agent, and he didn't seem to have such a great time with Real Madrid last season (after moving over from his long-time team Tau Ceramica, where he partnered with new Spur Tiago Splitter).  The new "legendary" coach of Real really seemed intent on micromanaging things, and kept switching around PGs, including Marco "now officially useless in every continent" Jaric, who was acquired in the middle of the season, so Prigioni could be forgiven for feeling dissed.  And on top of that, Real just signed our own Sergio Rodriguez, who is Spanish, and super-flashy, and will no doubt move ahead of Prigioni in the rotation whether he deserves to or not.

Now, why should we be interested in ANOTHER PG, when we have Miller, Bayless, Armon Johnson AND Patty Mills?

Answer: because of all of those, only Miller is really a pass-first PG, and we don't have a solid, reliable backup.  (Let's not re-hash the old Bayless arguments.  I'm in the anti-Bayless camp, but the good thing is, you could play Bayless and Prigioni together in the backcourt, because both are above-average size for PGs and tough defenders.) 

Prigioni's plusses:

Unselfish, great passer

Great Pick and Roll player - the big men who've played with him (Scola and Splitter, in particular) LOVE him.  To me, that's the #1 most important factor, because we want a PG who looks to get Aldridge and Oden involved.

Very solid 3-point shooter (so would make a better partner to Brandon when he drives and kicks)

Speaks Spanish, so can be Rudy's buddy (but now everybody hates Rudy, perhaps that won't be seen as a plus)

Very good defender (cue traditional sneering about Euro defense.  Well, guess what?  He's not a Euro)

Prigion's minuses:

Never played in the NBA - might not want to (despite Scola's insistence that he could start for any NBA team)

A bit old (north of 30) so not our "PG of the future" (that's Petteri Koponen, anyway...)

Might have had a bad season because he's getting over the hill

Might not want to be a backup

Any of the regular readers who follow Euro basketball (Norsktroll, Animart) heard anything about his plans?

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