a junk less pure 8/22/2010

so it's beautiful to hear about and to see prez' proposal.. what a touching and beautiful story to share in.. even if few (or none?) of us can claim a level of purity like those kids.. they are like our own JD fairy tale.. and i am sure that i am not alone in wishing nothing but happily ever afters for them both!!!!!!!!

but I am not making new junk (and dating it for a day later than it still is on the west coast) just to bless prez and mrs. prez on their wonderful future (which clearly could have been a comment in last night's prez' proposal junk (ps im hurt that philthy gets nods over me for flowergirl but he's a cute second)).. i thought to myself after my last post and run that if I barely make a comment between posting jds then it probably means i've moved on and should acknowledge it.. so.. that's what I'm doing..

remember that it's not you.. it's me.. it's not that i'll ever stop loving you.. but just that my life has gone in a new direction and i have to let the past go to embrace the future.. but i'll always remember each of you fondly and hope to continue to find ways to keep in touch with the many of you (i can only name a few now and the rest will just have to cry about it) that have touched me in the last year and a half...

brp: ill continue to look forward to our rendezvous in the city and the simpler times when i can schoo ya like i was yo momma catching u stealing her change..

ds: next time im in portland or your in syracuse -- you're going down bowling prince.. ps wuvs ya! ;)

atf & corvid: if the ladies of bedge yoga calendar comes out, get in touch with me!! ;) great to get to know both of you wonderful ladies!

dtl: thanks for the good conversations.. it led me to insight and wisdom which i will always value.. 

cloudy: as said previously.. i'll still be looking u up to collect when i make it that way next (nooo idea when that will be.. during winter break maybe.. maybe)..

1342: it was a pleasure getting to know you more and I hope to hear from you in the future..

meow: poke.. i can't fb poke you now.. so this is just an old fashioned across the country kinda poke! ;)

philthy: i miss ya, spinna.. hope ur local flava only gets betta and betta or you find a better locale! 

ffa, med, amlmart: my undying gratitude still today on making my trip to spain last summer endlessly better with your wonderful advice!!

jake: i'll be rooting harder for red going forward (outside of the game at the dome of course!!!) ;)

roybot: i'd wish you good luck around here.. but you've shown that you are more than capable.. so just continue to take charge.. [/oper roybot] girl power!

idle: stay you... have patience... follow your heart.. but don't go to prison... there's no purity in that wait.  >3

countless others I'm not mentioning: i really always loved you the most.. but don't tell the others i said that..

may you all junk well and.. to all of you... a good junk!

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