Lots of Junk Ahead...8/21/2010

So Bedgers...engaged. Dang. I've known some of you guys almost as long as I've known Mrs. Prez.

The story was a simple one. I found a pretty girl, we liked each other, we're getting married.

Who do I have to thank? Well, a lot of people, but not the least is you guys. 

A few years ago, I was a Blazer fan with no where to go. I found Blazers Edge. I started commenting. I started writing fanposts. The "good ol days" Phil likes to reminisce about (fwiw, Bedge is way awesomer now...while i miss the smallness of Bedge, it'd never be the same without Roybot, DirtySucks (j/k, i love u man), all you guys who joined later).

The amazing fun-ness of writing on Blazers Edge made me realize, WTHeck am I doing? At the time, I was going to Columba Basin College as a high school junior. I was the straight-A student gunning for a coveted position in OSU's pharmacy program.

But, I hated it. I skimmed the chem book and scoured the net. Casey Holdahl, J-Quick, and Wendell Maxey were my professors. Dave was the dean (Ben wasn't quite here yet).

I realized that you have to do something you like in life. So I quit taking chem classes, and looked for ways to write about the Blazers. Be a tech-media guru. It's what I like.

I came down to Portland to interview for an internship position with the Blazers. I stayed with Mrs. Prez's family, and got to know Amber. I came back for a Bedge event where I met BRP...and stayed with Mrs. Prez and her family again. Got to hang out with them. Got to know them.

I didn't get the internship position with the Blazers, but I did end up meeting some people (who probably don't want to be mentioned) whom I did end up interning with. And I moved just down the road from the wonderful gal who would be my best friend.

I'm now doing stuff I love and loving the people I do it with. I work at a place where Bedge is a common word. My girlfriend fiancee is sitting next to me Bedging as I write this.

Thank you, Blazers Edge. I love you guys. Especially Mortimer.

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