Memphis spanish national team

Its obvious the blazer's need to address the point guard position at some point.  Everyone knows that we are at our best when we have the ball in Roy's hands. So how could we bring in a shooter who can play D and at the same time fit the culture and talent level in Portland? The key to this trade is having Rubio on board. If ricky rubio says he would come to memphis then this trade is perfect for all teams involved



OJ Mayo

Mike Conley

Portland now has batum guarding the point. Roy and Mayo sharing time at the point. Your longer and more physical on D. Plus you got Conley who shot close to 40 percent from 3 last year coming off your bench with mathews,camby, pryz, cunningham, williams. Plus you make room for patty and the conley situation will help oden. How great will mayo,roy,oden,La and batum be in halfcourt. It just works





Hasheen Thabeet

Portland's 1st

Memphis 1st

I know what your thinking! noway minnesota gives up rubio, but its obvious that he will never play their, and with that you should keep in mind that a situation where he is playing with 5 of his fellow country men would probably change his mind.  Minnesota gets better either way you look at it with this trade. Now you have: Love, 1st round pick Westly Johnson, Johnny flynn, Webster, and Darko. Their bench would have: Rid, Beasly, Haseem, Brewer, and bayless. Wow! A pretty solid 10 with 3 first round picks for 2011. They wont make the playoffs this year, but they may in a few years. They know this and i think they would pull the trigger.


Victor Claver



Calderon (Raptors)

Paulao Prestes



This team needs a new idenity and passing up rubio a couple of years ago was probably a big mistake. Ok look at this line up, you have Rubio and Calderon paired up with randolph, Gay and Gasol. You have Victor Claver and Rudy coming of the bench. The spanish connection will sell, talk about an exciting team. Randolph comes off the book and you have your future point guard for the next 10 years. Im not sure if mayo would stick around for the long term and they want to move conley so this trade works.



Andre Miller


Stemisma(from min)

Raptors want to move Calderon, and miller might be a step up from him. Plus he comes off the book next year and he could be major trade bait with the addition to reggie evans 5 million expiring contract. The Raptors are hurting right now, and miller could be the guy who provides the ally oops to derozen and amir. They like to spread it out like the Sun's and miller fits that style of play

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