Trade Drawer August 17 + 4 Team Deal

Yeah, I know that it's still the 16th,  but I wanted to post this and couldn't find another Trade Drawer, but I wanted people to look at it past this evening, so I made it for tomorrow. Anyways, this is how my trade goes:

Trade Machine:


Sends: Carl Landry

Recieves: Marvin Williams and Zaza Pachulia

Rationale: Sac is set in the front court and really just need depth.


Sends: Jamaal Crawford, Mike Bibby, Al Hortford, Zaza Pachulia, and Marvin Williams

Receives: Elton Brand, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Andre Miller

Rationale: Atlanta has long wanted a big body, and they get one in Elton Brand, they also get another scoring forward in Aldridge, and also the perfect PG for their system in Miller. With Aldridge or Brand coming off the bench, they'd be able to make up for the scoring punch lost without Crawford.


Sends: Elton Brand, Lou Williams,

Receives: Joel Pryzbilla, Jarred Bayless, Rudy Fernandez, and Mike Bibby.

Rationale: Philly wants to lose Brand, save some money, and usher in a new era. They get some players who can hold down the fort until their contracts expire, plus Bayless and Rudy are good fits with the rest of the team. Bibby provides experience and some desperately needed shooting, Pryz fills a hole left by Dalembert.


Sends: LaMarcus Aldridge, Jarred Bayless, Rudy Fernandez, Andre Miller, and Joel Pryzbilla

Receives: Lou Williams, Al Hortford, Carl Landry, and Jamaal Crawford


Well just look at the depth chart!

PG: Lou Williams/Jamaal Crawford/Armon Johnson

SG: Brandon Roy/Wesley Matthews

SF: Nic Batum/Dante Cunningham/Luke Babbitt

PF: Al Hortford/Carl Landry/Jeff Pendegraph

C: Greg Oden/Marcus Camby

I think this is a big win for Portland. For those of you wary about Lou, it's understandable, but his PER equals Andre's (18.4) and 14 ppg, 4 apg, and 1 spg while shooting 33% from 3 isn't terrible either. This vaults us into contention with the addition of another All-Star and 3 six man of the year candidates.

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