Late-Night JD 08/15: Confusing Game Shows

This is the late night junk drawer for August 15 and possibly beyond.

And that's Numberwang! Episode 1


That's Numberwang! Episode 2

Same principle, more confusing, more fun


And the even more popular spin-off: Wordwang!


Similar experiences?

So what's your favorite game show, especially one whose rules you never understood?

I think mine among confusing ones was a late night TV show from Luxembourg in the 90s, where ladies performed in games whose rules not even the host - today a comedian - seemed to fully understand. I remember that they were nicknamed after fruits (banana, cherry, strawberry, etc.), and got points according to a very confusing system, and sometimes they ended up without their tops. Very reminiscent of popular formats in Italy and probably stolen from there, but I don't really speak Italian so it wouldn't have surprised me to not understand shows there. Below is a picture. I don't think I would understand it better today.


Another one would be Takeshi's Castle, the inspiration to Wipeout. They also seemed to bend the rules a bit every time, but a lot of that was probably the wild editing and cutting of sequences to get the funniest ones.

All in all I think my favorite TV game show of all time was a quiz format that unfortunately ended when the host died. It was funny and yet super-suspenseful, especially a decisive bonus round where candidates where asked questions about an area of expertise they had prepared for, e.g. James Bond movies or the history of a sports team or the history of the crusades or what have you, sitting in a kind of glass bubble all alone. Great music, great concept, great host. I don't think there is a real comparison to it today. Probably my childhood memories are clouding it, but I have very fond memories of that show.

(Credits: I remembered about watching the Numberwang skit after reading this FanPost about Kevin Love vs. Brook Lopez where video 2 is embedded as an intro to advanced statistics. Tinfoil and Timbo would agree.)

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