Junk Drawer 8-14-2010

Today I am going stand up paddle boarding with some friends from Oregon.
I like stand up paddle boarding, it is ever so much fun.
Monday we are going kayaking for five outs.
Might make me tired, because I have to work, but I’ll be OK.
All I have to do is take a long nap the next day.
Y’all don’t need to hate, just because you’re stuck in the rainy pacific northwest.

Boy, Drumline sure is a good movie. I sure am glad Mortimer told me to watch it.
A lady named Zoe Saldana is in Drumline. I think she’s pretty despite what Mortimer said about her.
Near as I can tell, she’s the same lady from the new Star Trek.
Nick Cannon is in the movie too.
Everyone who is anyone should love Nick Cannon.
Did you know that he’s married to Mariah Carey?

Morimoto is looking for about 120 people to work in his restaurant in Waikiki.
Ordinarily, I don’t think you folks would care about Morimoto, but what you gonna do?
Retailers in the area of the restaurant must be excited.
Truth is I don’t even know exactly where the restaurant will be.
I recon once it is opened, that I’ll try it out because I like to eat food.
Most likely, I’ll eat some sort of protein and a starch while I’m there.
Expect me to drink some beer too.
Regardless of what I eat, I know I’m gonna drink a lot of beer.

Any of y’all got a tattoo?
Not thinking of getting any new tattoos, I was just asking.
Don’t get a prison tattoo if you get one; go to a place that uses clean needless.

Tuesday, I got no plans.
I imagine I’ll do some house work and take my dog on a walk.
Most days for me involve some sort of house work and playing with my dog.
God blessed me with a swell dog.
5 years ago, if you told me I would have a little do, I would have though you were crazy.
6 years ago, I lived in Portland and demanded a trade to Honolulu.

Frenulum, now that’s a funny sounding word.
"Opulence, I has it."
Rikki-Tikki-Tavi is not a true story.

People around these parts sure are itching for a trade.
I find it rather odd, since Andre Miller is practically a hall of famer and all the positions are set.
Can’t fans just learn to relax?
Kind of reminds me of a song that says, "If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with."
I guess it’s just the way it is, with the fantasy sports messing it up for us real fans.
No point in complaining about it since we all should be used to it.
Got nothing else to say on that subject at this moment.

"Obsidian" would be a good name for a dark skinned child or pet.
"Nagaina" would not be a good name for a child; it sounds like a woman’s body part.

Henry David Thoreau had a better neck beard than Idoltime.
I think Idol should shave it but he thinks chicks dig it.
Some lady named Louisa May Alcott agrees with me, that neck beards are a form of contraceptive.

Having another barbeque this Sunday.
Any ideas as to what we should cook?
I was thinking about cane toads and kelp.
Roybot likes to eat barbequed iguanas.
Can’t criticize her for liking barbequed iguanas, they’re in a song, so they must be good.
Understanding is the key to tranquility.

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