Realistic KP scenario? Couldn't be...

It seems pretty obvious to me that our management (or any for that matter) does not feel the need to tell the fans exactly whats going on at any time. It annoys me that whenever something happens that people aren't sure exactly whats going on, they assume it's something shady and we all know what happens when we assume right? (makes an ass of u & me) In fact, the more management said about the situation, the more people assumed they were lying. Anyway, I just wanted to throw out a possible scenario and see what you guys think.

Sometime before the draft (or possibly the trade deadline), Kevin Prichard and Paul Allen are discussing strategy. With our situation, PA rightly emphasizes the need for veteran players over young talent. KP looks at hims and says, "You know, you are absolutely right, our core is looking good, they just need time to mesh, and injuries permitting, they should excel. I've been thinking it over for a while and it seems that my job here is done, I think it's time for me to move on."

 The reason I believe KP would want to move on is that he is a draft specialist, he loves making something out of nothing and really turning a team around. Dave has repeatedly said that perhaps our most important sign of transition from a young talented team to an elite veteran team is boring drafts. Well now we got one and everyone is in uproar. I will continue.

PA nods at KP's words and says "I thought this day might come, we are very sorry to see you go, and would love to have you as long as we can, but we will wish you luck wherever you might go. KP replies "thank you, and I don't want to look like I'm abandoning the organisation, so I will finish out the draft and see if I can make something good happen." PA says, "that sounds great, we'll go through some organisations to look for your replacement, but we will do everything we can to keep it quiet.

Unfortunately that didn't work out, and once it was shown that PA was "going behind KP's back to look for a replacement" everyone assumed (there's that word again) that he was being fired underhandedly. Management continued to ignore the media about the topic, and when forced, merely stated that they had talked and reached an agreement to go separate ways. Naturally everyone assumed this was just a smoke screen.

Time moved on, and KP "leaked" that he knew about the organisation looking for a replacement GM. Really, he probably didn't believe that people actually thought that PA would fire him, especially without telling him and considered it kinda funny. Next came the Keep KP rally that was disrupted by a mysterious caller. I think it likely that this was in fact Pritchard, telling him he appreciated the sentiment, but it was unnecessary. Finally on draft night a security guard (of all people) overheard something (probably on the lines of, good luck with the draft, and I'm sorry you'll be leaving after tonight) and told everyone that "KP is being fired on the night of the draft!" So much for security, I guess he's never heard of OPSEC.

I believe it's fair to say that there absolutely no reason KP should be fired basketball wise, and after his classy speech (don't blame the organisation or Paul Allen he says) do you really think he would do anything personal that would get him fired?

I'm not really sure how Penn's firing would have to do with this, most likely for a separate reason. Possibly he already had the ESPN job lined up and wanted to go there. With Penn gone, KP was more likely to think about leaving as well.

It's very possible I overlooked something, but regardless of the reason, I believe it would be best if we all moved on and looked to the future. KP did a lot of great things for us, but we all know PA is always looking to get the best and I think he will steer us in the right direction.


(sorry for the lack of a poll, but no updated browser, and this isn't my computer. I will try to add one later.)

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