A Geriatric Smell

Do you guys remember the movie "Space Cowboys"? Why did yesterdays press conference remind me of that movie?

Oh don't get me wrong our new coaching staff drips of experience and compentency.  But there was a geriatric smell to the whole production.  Yesterdays introductions were about as exciting as playing 3 cards of Bingo at the nursing home. B-1, B-2, B-3....BINGO! Now where's my health shake and roll me back to my room!

I love Buck. But it's kind of scary when he comes off as being the "new" guy. He seems to me to be approaching this as an opportunity, but an opportunity to learn as much as teach. I hope he can become 1/2 the coach  that he was a Power Forward but with immense respect, that remains to be seen.

Bickerstaff? His never ending ancedotes of coaching and playing wisdom started to wear on me. He's like some Basketball Yoda that has been hiding alone in a swamp too long. At some point I actually expected him to say, " Do or Do Not Do...there is no Try".  

Seems like McMillans new shoes are old shoes.

I suppose that is fine. As a fan, I'm probably not going to have too much connection to the actual dynamics of the Blazer coaching staff. I'll never know. But my Guess? Blazer One now stocks Ensure and Geritol Silver.

What does it mean when McMillan say's he thinks he's restored some of the chemistry lost with the departure and absence of Monty Williams and Maurice Lucas by reaching out to the familiar and experienced in a Bickerstaff and Ociepka? I have my doubts that he has surrounded himself with a group that is going to push him into new ground of development as a coach. Nothing wrong with familiarity and experience and maybe it was needed, but when McMillan say's "Nothing was broken" then introduces one of his oldest colleagues in the league, as his 'new" hire? Hard for me to expect dynamic change.

Bickerstaff wants to have fun? Well at his age what is fun? Staying up past 11:00 pm and watching episodes of "Murder she Wrote"?

Anyway this is change, but it's like we traded in a Ford Taurus for a Buick LeSabre. We have all the pieces in place for a smooth, quiet ride....but if the thrill was ever here? It's gone now. They are going to have to become Space Cowboys and reflect the difference on the court.

Good Luck Gentlemen, and keep your fiber intake up and check your blood sugar often.

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