Was Rudy going to threaten retirement?

I hope this isn't a bogus post (it's late) but it seems to fit well with how things unfolded in terms of Quick, the drama, and the cooling down of said drama (and the chatter currently going on).

From everything I've heard so far there doesn't seem to be anything truly preventing Rudy from actually retiring from the NBA, foregoing his remaining salary, and signing a lucrative Euro deal (3 yrs, 18 mil from Panathinaikos was the previously rumored offer).  Please correct me if I'm wrong on this...I think if it's fuzzy for me it's probably fuzzy to others as well.

Posted by ignign*kt in another thread: 
from the larry coon salary cap faq

There’s nothing binding about a player announcing his retirement. The player can still sign a new contract and continue playing (if he’s not under contract), or return to his team (if he is still under contract) and resume his career.

The only exception to this is when a player is still under contract, wants to quit, and his team doesn’t want to let him out of his contract. Under these circumstances the player can file for retirement with the league. The player is placed on the league’s Voluntarily Retired list, forgoes his remaining salary, and cannot return to the league for one year. The latter requirement prevents players from using retirement as an underhanded way to change teams, but can be overridden with unanimous approval from all 30 teams.

So my thoughts are that if this really an option for Rudy, he could absolutely leverage it against the Blazers.

Maybe Quick heard that Rudy was going to demand he be moved to a better situation or he would retire from the NBA and sign a Euro deal, but Cho stepped in and got deals on the table (seems we are frantically searching for a trade partner all of a sudden in 3 very attractive markets), and it caused Rudy to bite his lip for the time being.  So Quick teased it thinking something was about to break (drama, demands, ongoing saga -----> RUDY) but nothing has as of yet.

As we've pondered all along, what leverage could Rudy possibly have to make demands?  Maybe this is it. 

Thanks to those who tried to help me understand this in the other threads, I just wanted to open it to a larger audience.

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