CP3 To PDX Haters are missing the point.

 Having Paul in Portland creates so many opportunities other than just W's and being instant contenders.

This is my first fan post FYI so go easy, but I couldn't help but notice the lack of perspective by all the haters in this situation regarding CP3. And yes I know a lot of us would love to have him, but there are a substantial amount of people that have clearly expressed no desire to either have him or give up a few of our players with... I dare say it.. Potential.

Many of my close friends, intelligent fans on this website, and others seem to forget the multi-dimensional facets that Paul would bring to Portland. Portland's "small town" market would literally be irrelevant. CP3 has fans around the world, the TV deals would be lucrative and in higher demand than currently. The national coverage would be an incredible asset to us as fans and the management.

Brandon is an all-star who is an excellent player that we all love, but no where in comparison regarding popularity to Mr. Paul. CP3 can't go downtown and hang with the boys without having it written about on 20 different websites. He spends his spare time attending camps with Lebron, D-Wade and the gang. He brings confidence and poise to a franchise in need of attention.

Benefits for the fans would be incredible. More games nationally televised - meaning comcast's control would be diminished. ESPN would be showing high lights of the Heat, Lakers, Boston, Orlando, and.. us. The atmosphere at the Garden would be ecstatic with a burst of hope and inspiration.. None of this 1st round and out bull****.

Giving up Bayless, Batum, Rudy or even Greg Oden should not be considered too big of a cost. (Disclaimer: I wouldn't give up Oden + Batum - that'd be pretty intense). The fact is Paul is proven on the court, meaning we know what we are getting. He will be in the Hall of Fame. His injuries this past year should not be used against him considering they were in two separate places and oh yea, he was playing for NO.

Paul Allen is barely breaking even on the blazers, if he is at all. The addition of CP3 would force him into the luxury tax but the TV contracts, jersey sales, and WINS would make it worth it.

There doesn't need to be any speculation on chemistry, the fact is players that want to win will make it work.

CP3, BROY, (Batum or Matthews), LA, (Oden or Camby).. thats a championship caliber team w/ loads of upside.

If I am Portland management, I'm praying to god somehow I can convince this new GM to trade the best thing that's ever happened to him.

We should be too. Even if we lose some "potential".

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