2010 Free Agent Scoreboard - 88 Free Agents Signed


This is a quick lookup reference for the 2010 Free Agent signing season. It was reposted 3 times because it received 26 and 35 recs the first 2 times, but it eventually fell off the main page for the 3rd time with just 10 recs, so I'm no longer going to update it or re-post it. 

Up-to-date through 8/4/10.

Still available:

Tracy McGrady

Louis Amundson

Ime Udoka

Roger Mason

Luther Head --- New Orleans deal rescinded 


Off the Market

Top 25 Free Agents (according to


1. Lebron James --- signed by Miami,  6 years $110.1M

2. Dwyane Wade --- signed by Miami,  6 years $107.5M

3. Dirk Nowitzki --- agreed to terms with Dallas,  4 years $80M

4. Chris Bosh --- signed by Miami,  6 years $110.1M

5. Joe Johnson --- agreed to terms with Atlanta, 6 years $120M

6. Amar'e Stoudemire --- agreed to terms with NY, 5 years $100M

7. Carlos Boozer --- agreed to terms with Chicago, 5 years $80M

8. Yao Ming (option - Houston)  --- Didn't opt out

9. Rudy Gay (restricted - Memphis) --- agreed to terms with Memphis, 5 years $80M

10. David Lee --- agreed to terms with Golden State, 6 years $80M (S&T sends Randolph, Turiaf, Azubuike to NY)

11. Paul Pierce  --- agreed to terms with Boston, 4 years $61M

12. Josh Childress   (Restricted - Atlanta) S&T (for draft pick) to Phoenix, 5 years $33M

13. Luis Scola  (Restricted - Houston) --- agreed to terms with Houston. 5 years $47M

14. Tyrus Thomas (Restricted - Charlotte) -- re-signed with Charlotte, 5 years, $40M

15. Ray Allen --- agreed to terms with Boston, 2 years $20M

16. Shaquille O'Neal --- signed with Boston, 1 year Vet Minimum

17. John Salmons (opted out - Milwaukie) --- agreed to terms with Milwaukie, 5 year $39M

18. Brendan Haywood --- agreed to terms with Dallas, 6 years $55M

19. Udonis Haslem --- agreed to terms with Miami, 5 years $20M

20. J.J. Redick --- remains with Orlando (matched offer sheet from Chicago), 3 years $20M

21. Ronnie Brewer --- signed by Chicago, 3 years $12.5M

22. Raymond Felton  --- signed by NY

23. Josh Howard (team option declined - Washington) --- re-signed by Washington, 1 year $4M

24. Matt Barnes (opted out - Orlando) --- agreed to terms with Lakers, 2 years $3.6M

25. Richard Jefferson (opted out - San Antonio) --- re-signed by San Antonio, 4 years $38.8M

Others of interest:

Wesley Matthews (restricted - Utah) --- signed by Blazers, 5 years $33M, Front-loaded $9.2M 1st year


Utah did not match offer sheet.


Steve Blake --- signed by Lakers,  4 years $16M

Derek Fisher --- re-signed by Lakers, 3 years $10.5M

Theo Ratliff --- signed by Lakers


Travis Outlaw --- signed by NJ,  5 years $35M

Johan Petro --- agreed to terms with NJ, 3 years $10M

Jordan Farmer --- agreed to terms with NJ, 3 years $12M

Anthony Morrow  --- S&T (for draft pick) with NJ, 3 years $12M


Raja Bell --- signed by Utah, 3 years $10M


Jermaine O'Neal --- agreed to terms with Boston, 2 years full MLE

Nate Robinson --- agreed to terms with Boston, 2 years $9M

Marquis Daniels --- resigned by Boston, 1 year $2.5M

Von Wafer --- signed by Celtics, 1 year

Juwan Howard --- signed by Miami

Mike Miller --- signed by Miami, 5 years $25M

Zydrunas_Ilgauskas --- signed by Miami

Joel Anthony --- re-signed by Miami 

James Jones --- re-signed by Miami for veteran's minimum

Jamaal Magloire --- re-signed by Miami

Carlos Arroyo --- signed by Miami

Shavlik Randolph  --- re-signed by Miami

Kenny Hasbrouck --- re-signed by Miami

Eddie House --- signed by Miami, 2 years $2.8M


Kyle Korve r--- signed by Chicago, 3 years $15M

C.J. Watson --- agreed to S&T to Chicago (from Golden State), 3 years $10.2M

Kurt Thomas --- agreed to terms with Chicago, 2 years


Jeremy Lin --- signed by Golden State

Dorell Wright --- signed by Golden State, 3 years $11M

Jannero Pargo --- signed by Golden State, 2 years $2.4M


Channing Frye --- agreed to terms with Phoenix, 5 years $30M

Hakim Warrick --- agreed to terms with Phoenix, 4 years $18M


Amir Johnson --- agreed to terms with Toronto, 5 years $34M

Linas Kleiza --- signed by Toronto (offer sheet not matched by Denver)


Darko Milicic --- agreed to terms with Minnesota, 4 years $20M

Luke Ridnour --- signed by Minnesota,  4 years $16M


Drew Gooden --- agreed to terms with Milwaukee, 5 years $32M

Keyon Dooling --- signed by Milwaukee


Quentin Richardson --- agreed to terms with Orlando

Chris Duhon --- agreed to terms with Orlando, 4 years $15M


Randy Foye --- signed by Clippers

Ryan Gomes --- signed by Clippers

Brian Cook --- signed by Clippers

Craig Smith --- agreed to terms with Clippers

Rasual Butler --- signed by Clippers, 1 year


Timofey Mozgov --- signed by New York


Hilton Armstrong --- agreed to terms with Washington, 1 year $993K


Matt Bonner --- agreed to terms with San Antonio, 4 years


Ben Wallace --- agreed to terms with Detroit, 2 years $3.8M

Will Bynum -- (restricted) re-signed by Detroit, 3 years $10.5M


Tony Allen --- agreed to terms with Memphis, 3 years $9.7M


Al Harrington --- agreed to terms with Denver, 5 years $34M

Shelden Williams --- signed with Denver 

Anthony Carter --- re-signed with Denver


Shaun Livingston --- agreed to terms with Charlotte, 2 years $7M


Joey Graham --- agreed to terms with Cleveland, 2 years $2.1M


Royal Ivey --- signed by OKC


Tony Battie --- signed by Philadelphia


Antoine Wright --- signed by Sacramento

Pooh Jeter  --- signed by Sacramento


Josh Powell --- signed by Atlanta

Jason Collins --- re-signed by Atlanta


Brad Miller --- agreed to terms with Houston, 3 years $15M

Kyle Lowry --- remains with Houston (matched offer sheet from Cleveland), 4 years $24M

Updated through 8/4/10.

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