Blazers Offer for CP3/Okafor vs the Competition's Possible Offers

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If CP3 wants out, and New Orleans makes taking Omeka Okafor a requirement, how do the Blazers stack up against the other teams Paul has identified: New York, Orlando, and Dallas? I dug into ESPN's trade checker, and here is what I found.


NO wants expiring contracts and cheap young talent, both of which the Blazers are well situated to provide. For the Blazers, it's fairly simple, with a number of variations:


Miller/Pryz matches CP3, and Camby matches Okafor. We'd prefer not to include Camby, but he is essential to matching Okafor's salary. Okafor is a decent center, with a 16.5 PER last year and similar offensive rebounding and block stats to Camby. Camby's better (O Rating 112 / D Rating101 vs 110/106 for Okafor), but Okafor is 6 years younger. Okafor has played exclusively at center for the past few years, so he might not be able to back up LMA like Camby can.


As far as young talent, Portland can include any one, two, or three of Batum, Bayless, Cunningham, Fernandez, and Pendergraph. It's Rich Cho's challenge to minimize the outflow of talent, especially Batum.


From NO's perspective, they get the young talent and the only salary that extends beyond this season is Camby's $12 million for one more year.


Acquiring CP3 without affecting the Roy/Aldridge/Oden core would give us a powerful team that could compete for a championship: best point guard (at worst 2nd), third best 2-guard, arguably 2nd best center if healthy, dynamic and better than average power forward, and if we are lucky, Batum, an emerging talent and premier defender.


New York really could not practically trade for CP3 and Okafor. They'd have to trade 8 players (Curry, Douglas, Gallinari, Randolph, Walker, Chandler, Azubuike, and Turiaf). Only Walker has a 2 year deal, the rest 1 year, which could be attractive to NO. But it only leaves Stoudemire, Felton, and rookie center Mozguv to play with CP3 and Okafor. Stripped the cupboard too bare in pursuing LeBron the Decisionator.


Orlando can do this with Vince Carter, Pietrus, Brandon Bass, and one or both of 2nd year Ryan Anderson and rookie Daniel Orton. But the first three contracts run for one more year after this year, and total nearly $50 million. So Portland has both better young talent to offer and $38 million in contract savings. Orlando can't do this without VC, except by using 3-4 year contracts, which NO most likely wouldn't want.


Dallas has several scenarios that work. The one-year contracts of Caron Butler, 10-year 2-guard DeShawn Stevenson, one of the Jason's (Kidd or Terry) 2-year contracts, and Beaubois for young talent. After this year, the Jason contracts are $9-10 million, and they get Beaubois, a PG who is at the same position as NO's best young player, Collison. So NO saves a $2-3 million over Camby, but gets young talent and at a position they don't need it. And they would have Bird rights to Butler.


Dallas' second scenario is both Jasons, Stevenson, and Beaubois. This costs $7 million more than Camby and has the same young talent problem.


Ideally, we could get CP3 without taking on Okafor, But if we have to, the Blazers are well situated to compete favorably with CP3's other selected teams. New York flat out doesn't work, choosing Orlando costs NO $38 million and offers lesser young talent, and Dallas provides either very minor outyear cost savings or a modest outyear cost increase with lesser young talent at a position redundant to NO.


So if you define the CP3 sweepstakes game as including Okafor and only the teams CP3 has mentioned, Portland should win. Only Dallas can compete in salary dumping, and they can only offer one young player (ignoring another point guard, JJ Barea) who doesn't fit with NO's needs.


Given this, in this game, hopefully Cho can land CP3 without sacrificing Batum, which would be the optimal outcome.

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