Blazers Salary Match Combinations for CP3, Okafor, & Posey


I don't know it this will be interesting or useful to anyone, but since I created a spreadsheet to investigate trade combinations for CP3 mania, I'm posting some of the results that came out of that exercise.

Assumption: If Chris Paul successfully convinces New Orleans to trade him they would want to get rid of Okafor's 4 year $52M contract as part of a trade. It would probably be even more attractive to them if they could also get rid of Posey's 2 year 13.4M contract as well. 


So I looked for combinations of Blazer players that could be traded to match (125% + $100K rule) the salaries of CP3 + Okafor, and CP3 + Okafor + Posey (taking into account his trade kicker). I used the salary data from Storyteller's site (7/14/10 update). I checked some of the "close to not working" combinations using the RealGM trade check and they all checked out correctly, but not every combination was checked. A couple of those deals failed on the ESPN trade machine. I think they have different salary numbers for Camby's incentives. So buyer beware.




1) In many cases additional Blazer players with relatively smaller salaries could be added to the trade without invalidating the matching criteria. i.e. if Rudy ($1.25M) or Cunningham ($762K) aren't included in one of the combinations they could usually be added to close a deal without upsetting the 125% rule.


2) The number following the players name is approximately the amount of money that NO would save in the first year by doing the deal. i.e. it's the difference between NO's outgoing and incoming salaries taking into account trade kickers. Paul Allen could also include $3M cash in a deal to further pad or cover some of the differences.


3) LMA is a BYC player and that is taken into account in these combinations. In most cases that is not a problem because the total salaries being exchanged are so high (greater than $26M and $33M) that the 125% rule absorbs the approximately $5M difference between his incoming and outgoing salary figures.


4) I would guess that New Orleans would want Miller and Przy both in a trade because they have expiring contracts. However, other considerations could cause them to only want one or the other. Hence the list includes combinations with Miller only and Przy only. If we were to make a trade without including Miller, then we would undoubtedly have to trade Miller to another team since I doubt he would come off the bench behind CP3. Of course, a 3 team deal would also be possible.


5) I didn't eliminate LMA from the combinations just because New Orleans has David West. They could always trade West or LMA later.


6) Williams salary ($1.254M) is almost the same as Rudy's ($1.247M) so you can substitute Williams for Rudy in the combinations. 


7) Wesley Matthews is not included because he can't be traded until Dec 15th.


8) This is not an exhaustive list of all possible combinations. I didn't write an algorithm to calculate all combinations. I just drilled down to what I thought was a reasonable number of combinations. For instance, you can combine the salaries of Cunningham and Pendergraph (total $1.52M) and in most cases substitute them for Rudy ($1.247M), Batum ($1.197), or Babbitt ($1.645M). Or substitute Babbitt + Cunningham (total $2.4M) for Bayless ($2.3M).


9) There is absolutely no inference that these are good deals or bad deals for either side. It is just a list of salary combinations that work (I believe) under the CBA. I tried to group them in such a way to make them easier to search by eyeball. You be the GM and decide if any of them would satisfy both teams.


If you spot errors let me know and I will correct them. Again, I already know a few didn't work in the ESPN trade machine, but did on the RealGM trade checker. I believe that is because there are differences in the salaries between ESPN and Storyteller. But I could have made mistakes as well. Please compare any discrepancies with the RealGM trade checker and by a hand calculation please. 


Under no circumstances would I trade Oden in a deal for CP3. CP3 and Roy will not win a championship without a great center. But Roy and Oden could win a championship with another good piece other than CP3 (depending on how much we have to give up for that piece). So no combinations include Oden.


No combinations include Roy, because CP3 wouldn't want to be here with Roy leaving. 


Trades for Paul + Okafor


Miller, Przy, Camby  0.0M


Miller, Przy, LMA, Batum  -1.3M

Miller, Przy, LMA, Bayless  -2.4M

Miller, Przy, LMA, Rudy  -1.3M

Miller, Przy, LMA, Babbitt  -1.7M

Miller, Przy, LMA, Cunningham (or Pendergraph)  -0.8M


Miller, Przy, Batum, Bayless, Rudy, Babbitt, Cunningham (or Pendergraph)  3.5M


Miller, Camby, LMA  -2.2M


Miller, Camby, Batum, Bayless 5.0M

Miller, Camby, Batum, Rudy, Cunningham (or Pendergraph) 5.3M

Miller, Camby, Batum, Babbitt, Cunningham (or Pendergraph) 4.9M


Miller, Camby, Bayless, Rudy 5.0M

Miller, Camby, Bayless, Babbitt 4.6M


Miller, Camby, Rudy, Babbitt, Cunningham (or Pendergraph) 4.8M


Przy, Camby, LMA  -3.5M


Przy, Camby, Batum, Bayless 3.8M

Przy, Camby, Batum, Rudy, Cunningham (or Pendergraph) 4.1M

Przy, Camby, Batum, Babbitt, Cunningham (or Pendergraph) 3.7M


Przy, Camby, Bayless, Rudy 3.7M

Przy, Camby, Bayless, Babbitt 3.3M

Przy, Camby, Bayless, Cunningham (or Pendergraph) 4.2M


Przy, Camby, Rudy, Babbitt, Cunningham (or Pendergraph) 3.6M


Trades for Paul + Okafor + Posey


Miller, Przy, Camby, LMA,  -4.3M

Miller, Przy, Camby, Batum, Rudy  4.0M

Miller, Przy, Camby, Bayless,  4.2M


Miller, LMA, Camby, Batum, Bayless  0.7M

Miller, LMA, Camby, Batum, Rudy, Cunningham (or Pendergraph) 1.0M

Miller, LMA, Camby, Batum, Rudy,  Babbitt  0.1M


Miller, LMA, Camby, Bayless, Rudy  0.7M

Miller, LMA, Camby, Bayless, Cunningham (or Pendergraph)   1.2M


Miller, LMA, Camby, Rudy, Babbitt, Cunningham (or Pendergraph) 0.6M


Przy, LMA, Camby, Batum, Bayless,  -0.5M

Przy, LMA, Camby, Batum, Rudy, Cunningham (or Pendergraph) -0.2M

Przy, LMA, Camby, Batum, Rudy,  Babbitt  -1.1M


Przy, LMA, Camby, Bayless, Rudy  -0.5M

Przy, LMA, Camby, Bayless, Cunningham (or Pendergraph)   0.0M


Przy, LMA, Camby, Rudy, Babbitt, Cunningham (or Pendergraph) -0.6M


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