I like Chris Paul as a Player but GET A GRIP People!: Updated Paul Staying in New Orleans

Updated Sunday !1:00pm

A very robust discussion on the thread below. I basically think the Blazers will make a run at Chris Paul and I think the Hollinger idea of moving Roy for Paul, as disturbing as that is to me, has a plausible ring to it. I mean one of the number 1 debates on this site is how do you find a guard that compliments Roy. Another topic is often Nate's offense and the fact that we never run even with the pieces we have that would thrive in a more uptempo scheme.

We all know Roy slows the ball down when he gets his hands on it, it works to his advantage tremendously to do that. Nate wants the team to run more, he says so all the time, I have heard him over the mic on telecasts yelling run and even then we still don't. Aldridge would benefit hugely from a more uptempo pace. Batum is built to run, Bayless runs, Fernandez would fit mu ch better that way, highlights of Matthews show he is comfortable running, Oden even has some wheels although he tires quickly. There is probably no Power Forward in the league that can match Aldridges speed up the court I would argue, and when there is a break to Aldridge, even though very rare, he has demonstrated time and again he knows what to do with it.

Hollingers trade pitch was Roy and Pryzbilla for Paul with Miller going to a third team and that player going to NO.

Here is the 2 deep line up with the Paul for Roy and Pryzbilla trade:

Paul - Bayless

Matthews - Fernandez

Batum - Babbitt

Aldridge - Cunningham

Oden - Camby

Going for a Collison Okafor for Pryz Rudy Bayless trade as outlined in the Friday update below:

Miller - Collison

Roy - Matthews

Batum - Cunningham

Aldridge - Camby

Oden - Okafor

I am firmly opposed to the trading Roy idea, but thought I would explore what that would look like. Unfortunately, it does have a certain logic to it. I also decided to put up a new Poll below.

Get a grip people. I mean seriously, is Chris Paul worth giving up the core of the team. I mean for real now. I have heard everything from moving 6 or 7 guys to moving Roy, Aldridge and/or Oden. Get a grip people.

I am not saying there is no move I would make to land Chris Paul, but some of the talk out there is just crazy. I mean flat out loony.

First off, this team is full of great guys who happen to be able to ball. They make a great story to follow, a group of young talent coming together and growing together to work towards the ultimate goal. The core of that storyline is Roy, Aldridge and Oden.

Brandon Roy

This kid is our franchise player. He IS the face of the team. Without him we may have taken even longer to shake off the JailBlazer image. Remember the days of turning on the news or picking up the paper and reading about pound bags of pot, fights in strip club parking lots and dog fighting rings? I do, and it was a miserable time. I knew people that went to the games just to boo the players. That is bad. Roy led the team briskly away from that era. He put the work in, he played his way into allstar games and he did it all without all of the off court turmoil we all grew tired of. Just considering trading him as he enters his NBA prime is insulting be it fans or Paul Allen.

LaMarcus Aldridge



LaMarcus may not have led the team out of the wilderness, but he played a key role in the resurrection. He is a solid player that with another year of experience under his belt may prove to be an All-Star as well, although it will probably take us winning a title to get him those honors. I know, people think he is soft and what not, but they just do not like his style of play. i wish they would just say that, but I suppose being insulting is the chosen way to make your point. Aldridge's game will never be traditional but his numbers are consistent. I could name at least 22 teams that would kill to have Aldridge on their roster for the pay we are giving him. It is not easy to find a guy that gives you almost exactly the same numbers every night like Aldridge does and he does it in an offense that does not actually take advantage of his strength. Think about that, Aldridge would function at a higher level offensively if we were a little more open throttle. We definitely do not play to his strength at all and yet he does nothing but put up 18 and 8 almost every single night.


Greg Oden

There are several reasons why it would be insanity to trade Oden.

  1. He is a part of our core identity for a vast majority of fans, I mean come on, season tickets have been sold at high levels and that began with the Oden signing. Our sell out streak did not begin until he was a Blazer. If he can stay on the floor at or near his ideal weight he will be a dominant force in this league. Just look at where he got to last year in a short time, a large number of fans are in the Rose Garden because they want to see the Greg Oden story unfold before their eyes.
  2. With all of the Durrant v Oden posts could you imagine the moaning and whining on Bedge if we move Greg and he becomes the force many of us believe he can be and most of us hope he will be. I do not think I could bear it.
  3. He is just a good kid. No one feels worse than he does about his injury history. He put out a press release during that Houston game, before getting the medical treatment he needed, apologizing for getting hurt in such a fluke way. Think about it, he apologized to us, for something he could not control, before getting treatment he needed for crying out loud. We owe him a little loyalty for that kind of concern for us and Paul Allen does to for putting so many butts in the seats.

On Our Core 3

So my bottom line on any talk of moving any of these three for Chris Paul is it is just ridiculous. Total non-starter. Besides, I want to see this story until its end. We will know if Greg can hold up through this season. As for the other two Paul said it best when he mentioned he would not want to play here without Roy and Aldridge being here.

Other Trade Ideas

Now there are trade ideas out there I could accept, but frankly I am unwilling to give up both Camby and Joel to get it done. I am against sending more than 4 maybe 5 guys in any deal. I could go for a deal that includes either Joel or Camby and Batum, but I am not sure I would be happy about it. If you move Camby and Joel and Oden as some have suggested then we become a fantastically unbalanced roster. As someone pointed out on any number of CP3 threads it would be pointless to have an All Star PG on an near exclusively jump shooting team.

In the End

I really like this team. I would be happy if no further moves were made to be honest. After all these guys delivered 50 wins despite the injury gauntlet they ran last season. They easily could have finished with 58 wins had that not happened. I think a nice consolidation trade is in the works regardless of the CP3 situation and that makes sense, particularly if we can move a whiny Rudy in the process.

I am invested in these guys, losing Trout, Blake and Marty was hard enough even though the Blake Trout deal for Camby made perfect sense then and now (jury still out on the Marty move, although if the Blazers don't get much but Marty can finally break out I would be happy for him in any event.)

We need to finish this story. The most regrettable moments in life often are the times we do not see something through, this is a regret as a Blazer fan, I do not want to feel. These guys all work hard, play hard and have done amazing things for us as fans. Roy and Aldridge brought the Blazers back from NBA obscurity in 3 short seasons and came through a real trial by fire by getting through last season in more than respectable fashion given the circumstances. Greg put butts in seats for Allen, works hard to perform well for us and that means we, Paul Allen included, owe him our loyalty as long as he puts forth his effort to become the player we hope he can be. Greg has not given up for us, we should not give up on him.

Chris Paul is a great player and I can see making an aggressive move for him, but we must be cautious not to sell our soul in the process. I mean these guys turned a joke punchline of a franchise with an abyssmal storyline into one of the best stories in professional sports. We should not jump hastily to tear that up no matter how enticing the lure.

Remember that the grass is not always greener on the other side.


The more I think about, the more this is discussed the less I want Paul. It is not that he is not a great player that would not immediately improve any team, he is and would, but his contract is only 2 years. With one of those years predicted to be a lockout year that means we would only have him this season before he bolts for NYC or another big market. We can get better deals than that long term. Somebody recommended a Pryz, Rudy, Bayless trade with Euros and picks for Okafor and Collison. I am all for that, even with the bad contract for Okafor:






is a nice lineup, a real nice lineup in fact. Still need that Rim attacking PF in support, but the Paul trade does not address that anyway.

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