Assume Brandon Roy is the PGotF...

No one is a stranger to the "Point Guard of the Future" debate that's been going on around here, but I wanted to take a different look at it. 

I was listening to Ropp on Primetime and he said that in a recent interview with Joe Freeman, Brandon Roy alluded
to the notion that he might be the PGotF.  I don't have the transcript so it may be something as inocuous as saying that he is most comfortable with the ball in his hands, but the idea has fascinated me for awhile...

A lot of money was spent to sign Wes Matthews, a 2 guard who can guard both the 1 and the 3 in most cases.  We all know Nic Batum has versatility for days in this sense as well.  This would allow us to select the most favorable matchup for BRoy in all cases, in theory increasing the amount of energy he has in the tank on the offensive end (which makes him extremely difficult to guard).

It would put the ball in the hands of a supreme penetrator, with Batum and Matthews available to shoot on the kickout to the perimeter, LMA in the midrange, and Oden near the hoop. 

It would make our starting lineup enormous and extremely stout defensively, with Batum and Matthews side-by-side on the perimeter and big Greg down low.

It would allow us to potentially keep Joel Przybilla and have an LMA-Oden-Camby-Joel frontcourt rotation...and since Camby is long in the tooth eventually a LMA-Oden-Joel-Dante rotation.  Joel gets tossed around in a lot of trade talk, but is reportedly ahead of schedule and may be back for the season.  Considering Greg and Marcus's injury history, and the fact that LMA is not a center, having all 4 makes me salivate.  Can you imagine a defensive lineup that included Wes Matthews, Nic Batum, Marcus Camby, and Oden/Przybilla?  Point being, Juwan Howard played a lot last would be injury insurance with quality players and even if all 4 are healthy I think you can find minutes for all of them.  Let Greg get as many minutes as he can, reduce LMA to the lower 30s, and Camby and Joel can still get 20+ or so per game.  This keeps premier big men on the court in the event of foul trouble as well, as Joel and Camby can both step in and play big minutes if need be. 

I think the rebounding benefit is obvious, and it makes a ton of sense with Nate's possession-limiting style of play. 

Now I know that Brandon has the ball in his hands a lot anyway, and that we will probably see BRoy-Matthews-Batum-LMA-Oden on the floor together at different points this season...BUT, lately we have been talking about trading numerous assets to get a Devin Harris or Tony Parker.  We've talked about BRoy LEARNING to play off the ball more effectively. 

Before you say it, I understand that we currently have like 73 different guards on the roster and that a consolidation makes sense, so I'm not sure how we would utilize all of our assets, but that is part of this discussion.  I'm also not saying I necessarily support this direction, but it is very intriguing and I wanted to have the discussion in earnest with all of you knowledgable so-and-so's. 


What does everyone think of this direction?  Is it viable?  Are our current assets better utilized trading for a PG now, or elsewhere with BRoy getting shifted over once Andre is gone?  Assuming that we go in this direction, how would you go about utilizing our assets to supplement the roster and maximize how good this team can be?  And most importantly, is the longer term outlook for this team brighter if Brandon Roy is the PG of the Future? 

Thank you in advance for your input, I love you all.

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