The Mix-Tape Junk Drawer 7/18/10

Have you ever made a mix-tape for the opposite sex?  If you answered yes, then that is sweet and you are probably a dork and old.  Seriously, who makes tapes?  I guess you could have made a mix-CD and you're not old, just dorky.

I've never made a mix-tape or mix-CD except for two.  One was all breakup songs for a guy who was just dumped by his fiancee and the other was all songs about having sex that I made for a friend's son to take on prom.

If I was going to make a mix-CD for you folks, I would include these song:

Cut The Mustard - Mel Tillis and The Old Dog for Southern Oregon

I Can Only Imagine - Mercy Me for AK1984

All By Myself - Eric Carman for idoltime

Sour Time - Portishead for Mortimer

When It Don't Come Easy - Patty Griffin for Corvid

How Can I Not Love You - Joy Enriquez for Roybot

Wind Beneath My Wings - Bette Midler for Dave

No More Cloudy Day - The Eagles for cloudydays (Not really fitting but thought it was funny because of his name)

The Crab Song - Faith No More for Honka Playboy

Informer - Snow for Ben

Mrs. Robinson - Simon & Garfunkel for Jorga

Take It Easy - The Eagles for annthefan

One Time - Justin Bieber for Dirty Socks

Tears Of A Clown - Smokey Robinson & The Miracles for 92wastheyear

Ballerina Girl - Lionel Richie for Claire

One Day - Matisyahu for jksnake99

Maggie May - Rod Stewart for Section323

I Want It That Way - Back Street Boys for Sammy

Du Hast - Rammstein for Norkstroll

Daydream Believer - Shonen Knife for broyposse

Evil Dead - The Musical for Name's Ash

99 Luft Ballons - Nena for EvilKaramazov

Smelly Cat - Friends for CatMan2

Keep The Car Running - Arcade Fire for DrivetheLane

Revenge Of The Nerds Song - Revenge Of The Nerds for Timmay! (Honorable Mention: 8-Bit Song)

Touch Of Grey - Grateful Dead for 22baylor

Tightrope - Janelle Monage for atomiccafe

Cream - Prince for Sexual Tyrannasaurus

Photograph - Def Leppard for dougall5505

Super Fart Song - Family Guy for fajunga

I'll keep adding songs.  It's 5:32 AM and there isn't a Junk Drawer up.  If I take much longer, someone will beat me to it.

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