Nope, it's not another LBJ post

I've heard a lot of talk about the genius of Pat Riley over the last couple days since the big signings have gone down.  Now, signing LBJ, Bosh, and resigning Wade seems like a no brainer to me considering they probably committed a long time ago.  Still, I don't want to discredit Riley.  The man's been behind many championships during his NBA career.  It did get me thinking though.  There are a lot of intelligent fans on this site.  I wondered, if given the opportunity to create a super team what would it look like.

There are only a few rules.

1) There are no right or wrong answers.  Your team can consist of the greatest players in NBA history, or  it could just be a team of guys that you enjoyed watching over years.  Your opinion is all that counts when constructing your team.

2) Try to consider basic things that good basketball teams need.  For example, chemistry, floor spacing, defense......

3) There are no era restraints.  My team consists of players from the mid 80's to present because that's the era I grew up watching.  However, if you can take it back even further then feel free.

4) Try to keep positions in perspective.  I don't have a problem with Tim Duncan being a forward or a center, but please, no B. Roy, or LBJ at point guard.

5) You can include MJ if you want, but it's really predictable.

After the Jump I'll give my starting five.  Who do you agree with?  Who would you drop?  Most importantly, who would you put on the court to me.

PG:  Isiah Thomas.  There are probably better point guards than Zeke, but for my money the buck stops here.  He's everything I'm looking for in floor general.  Great defender, and shooter.  He takes care of the basketball.  Most importantly, people expect toughness from centers and power forwards because those guys are big and rugged, but when your point guard is the toughest guy on the floor it sets the tone for the whole team.

SG: This is a tough one, but I gotta give it to Bernard King.  Most underrated player ever in my opinion.  He had crazy mid range game, and could get all the way to the rack.  A good defender and rebounder with good size at the SG position.  The man's number speak for them self.  Jordan would have been an easy choice here, but I got Zeke at point, and those two didn't get along, so I had to go with King.   

SF: No questions here Larry Legend is the greatest SF ever.  Gives my team more floor spacing along with Isiah.  He's the ultimate competitor.  Anybody disrespects, and Larry is gonna jack 'em in the face.  Plus, who could forget all those Big Mac commercials with Mike.

PF: I might get some heat for this one, but I don't care.  I'm taking "The Big Ticket" KG.  He's everything I want in a PF.  Intense.  Good size.  In his prime he was one of the best defenders in the league.  Rebounds and block shots.  Offensively KG could put you on his back or face up and shoot it.  He could even put it on the floor.  Hands down the best power forward I've ever seen.

C: Going with my favorite center of all time on this one.  Alonzo Mourning.  He's the man that made Shaq run to west coast.  True warrior.  Shot blocker, and rebounder.  Great offensively in the low post, but you've also got to respect his shot.  Once he steps out a bit it opens up the paint for my PF to go to work.  I don't think I have to sell anybody on ZO.  True NBA fans know what he's worth.  Too bad health issues hampered his career.

So, there you have it.  King Mar's super team.  Love to here your comments.  Where did I go wrong?  Are there any glaring weaknesses you can see with the way my team is constructed?  Should Greg Oden be on there?  What's your starting five look like?

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