Portland Eating its Team

First ever post after having followed BE for a couple years regularly.

I write this fanpost not to discuss the merits of players or Blazer employees mentioned herein, but rather to pose a question: why are Portland fans insistent on ruining everything?

Is it the one-horse-town mentality where we have nothing better to do?  No baseball or football distractions to keep us from hatching ridiculous and diabolical plans to jettison LaMarcus Aldridge for David Lee or actually getting behind the firing of a GM who has taken us from total joke to feared up-and-comers in less than 4 years?

Since the last horn sounded on the season, all I've seen are trade scenarios that include trading Roy or Oden or LMA to snag a lotto pick... thus netting us who?  Demarcus Cousins?  Wow.  We continually deride Kevin Pritchard who has what most consider to be about a 90% success rate in drafts and trades.  Let us not forget what we've got:

- A top tier, team leading SG who wants to be here, isn't a threat to shoot anybody or catch a couple dozen pot charges (I'm looking at you Jeremiah Masoli...)

- A center who, if (large if...) healthy is a young, talented game-changer whether he scores or not.

- One of the top young PF's in the league who most conveniently forget perfectly complements our other stars when everyone is healthy.  LMA has taken way too much heat... I'm choosing to hear exactly none of it.

- Andre over Hedo.  Revisionist history is my friend, but who would you rather have?

- A late first round French SF who was passed on by two dozen teams with a ceiling higher than the Rose Garden's.  I think we all agree Nic is special.

- One of the deepest benches, if not THE deepest, in the entire NBA.

- A trade deadline deal landing us a vital veteran C/PF who most agree gives us way more than Travis and Blake did consistently.  Camby was right on time... I think most agree.

- A coach who most fans seem to ride due to his plodding half-court pace and suspect substitution patterns, but has the respect of his players, control of his team in general, and has just completed a season decimated by injuries with 50 wins.  I'm not a huge Nate fan... but let's have a little perspective here.

Perspective.  Maybe that's the best word for it.  I can't bear listening to sports talk radio in this town due to the lack of it... and I argue that this goes all the way to the Vulcans in charge of this sorta slowly sinking ship, which should not be sitting even one inch low in the water given what we've got and where we are right now as an NBA franchise.

So I ask you, fellow BE enthusiasts.  What's the freakin' deal?  Am I paranoid, or are meddling Portland fans and ownership unable to see the view from 30,000 feet?  If you care to elaborate... I care to try and understand why we can't seem to just appreciate what is a VERY good thing.

Go Blazers!

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